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Florida has over 300 Springs - 27 are 1st magnitude springs discharging more than 60 million gallons of water every day. Florida has more springs than any other state and discharge more water than any country in the world.

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  • Alapaha Rise Spring   Hamilton County, Westlake
    First Magnitude, discharges into the Suwannee River. Wooded setting with boat access from the Suwannee.
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, canoeing, fishing.
  • Alexander Springs   Lake County, Astor Park  (904)669-3522
    First Magnitude, in Ocala National Forest with recreational facilities.
    Info from OrlandoHotels.com
    Activities: Camping, scuba diving, boat rentals, fishing, beaches, swimming, picnic area.
    Facilities: Bathrooms, showers, picnic areas
  • Baptising Sink
    Small 10 foot sink with entrance to Peacock Springs I and II and depths of 70 feet. 
    Activities: Advanced cave diving.
  • Beckton Springs   Washington County, Vernon   
    Cypress swamp surrounding very large round pool.
    Activities: Scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, fishing, camping, picnic areas.
    Facilities: Restrooms, showers, concession.
  • Black Spring   Jackson County, Kynesville  
    Unique, solid black water. Pool is very deep.
    Activities: Fishing
  • Blue Hole Spring   Jackson County, Marianna
    In Florida Caverns State Park
    Activities: Swimming, camping, snorkeling, swimming, picnic area.
    Facilities: Bathroom, showers.
  • Blue Springs   Volusia County, Orange City  (904)775-3663
    First Magnitude, in Blue Springs State Recreation Area. Runs into St. Johns River. Info from OrlandoHotels.com
    Activities: Camping, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, cave diving, canoeing, fishing, see manatees.
    Facilities: Bathroom, picnic areas, lodging, concession.
  • Blue Spring   Lafayette County, Mayo
    2nd Magnitude. 25 foot basin on the west bank of the Suwannee River. Natural limestone halfway down run. Cave leads to many other sinks.
    Activities: Camping, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, cave diving.
    Facilities: Bathrooms, dive shop.
  • Blue Spring   Levy County, Bronson
    Only available for summertime swimming.
    Activities: Beach, picnic area, snorkeling, swimming.
    Facilities: Bathroom, concession.
  • Blue Spring   Madison County, Madison
    Large sink with depths of 45 feet. Clear pool off the Withlacoochee River. Forest setting with a 25 foot cliff on the south bank.
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving.
    Facilities: Dive shop.
  • Blue Springs   Jackson County, Marianna
    First Magnitude. Five mile long run fed by large pool. Beautiful cypress grow along banks. Depths to 300 feet.
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, canoeing, camping, picnic areas.
    Facilities: Bathrooms, showers, concessions.
  • Blue Springs   Gilchrist, High Springs
    Swimming, snorkeling, fishing, campground.
  • Blue Grotto   2 miles NW of Williston
    Very large with huge underground cavern. Extremely clear water. Depths up to 95 feet. 
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, picnic area.
    Facilities: Showers, dive shop.
  • Bonnet Spring   Suwannee County, Luraville
    Small pool at the head of Peacock. Heavily wooded and some aquatic plant growth on the surface.
    Activities: Cave diving.
  • Branford Springs   Lafayette County, Branford
    2nd Magnitude. Beautiful, 60 foot spring. Depths to 15 feet. Easily accessed by wooden dock.
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, canoeing, fishing.
  • Catfish Sink
    Duckweed usually covers this 40 yard diameter pool. Much silt but easy to enter. Depth of 35 feet.
    Activities: Camping, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, cave diving, night diving, canoeing, picnic areas.
    Facilities: Bathrooms, concession.
  • Charles Spring
    Small head pool. Two natural bridges in run to Suwannee. Boat ramp nearby.
    Activites: Swimming, snorkeling.
  • Chassahowitzka Springs   Citrus County, Homosassa
    First Magnitude. Beautiful area with more than a dozen springs. Primitive forest harboring much wildlife. Many fish and aquatic plants. Large basins and pools with depths to 60 feet. 
    Activities: Camping, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, boating, picnic area.
    Facilities: Bathroom.
  • Cherokee Spring
    Good-sized sink with dense woods surrounding. Poor visibility. Up to 80 feet deep.
    Activities: Swimming, fishing.
  • Convict Spring
    50 foot spring on the west bank of the Suwannee Fiver. Depths of 25 feet and cavern to 30 feet.
    Activities: Camping, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, cave diving, night diving, canoeing, fishing.
    Facilities: Concession, lodging, dive shop.
  • Cow Spring
    Small spring with beautiful clear water. Difficult diving due to size limitations. Depths to 40 feet. Location is 30 yards before Running Springs on the left.
    Activities: Cave diving.
  • Crystal River Springs   Citrus County, Crystal River
    First Magnitude. Group of 30 springs in the King's Bay area including King's Spring (excellent scenery, perfect for photographers), Three Sisters, Catfish Corner, Gator's Hole. 
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving (with manatees in the winter), cave diving, night diving, canoeing, fishing.
    Facilities: Lodging, dive shop.
    Birds Underwater Manatee Tours and Dive Center
  • Crystal Springs   Pasco County, Zephyrhills
    Last known as Zephyrhills Spring and is fenced off from the public with chain link and barbed wire.
  • Cypress Spring   Washington County, Vernon
    Large clear pool, 150 feet wide, bordered by forest. Additional cavern with depths to 70 feet.
    Activities: Scuba diving, snorkeling, canoeing, swimming, fishing, picnic area.
    Facilities: RV, camping, dive shop, snack bar, barbeques, bathhouses.
  • DeLeon Springs  DeLeon
    Large 170 foot diameter spring pool surrounded by a concrete wall and walkway. Moss-covered oaks shade the area. Shallow basin floor with caves going to depths of 40 feet.
    Info from OrlandoHotel.com 
    Activities: Swimming, fishing, picnic area.
    Facilities: Bathrooms, concession.
  • Devil's Den   Williston
    40 foot diameter shaft lets the sunlight illuminate a large basin of extremely clear water. Very large cavern below with depths of 25 feet to an average of 55 feet.
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, picnic areas, camping.
    Facilities: Lodging, showers, dive shop.
    Info from OrlandoHotel.com
  • Devil's Eye and Devil's Ear (Ginnie Springs)  Gilchrist County, High Springs
    Eye starts as a round shaft that drops 20 feet. Large cave winds along to the mouth of Devil's Ear on the edge of the river.
    Activities: Cave Diving
  • Eureka Springs   Hillsborough County, Tampa 
    Four short runs set in a tropical plant garden. 
    Facilities: Bathrooms
  • Fanning Springs   Levy County, Fanning Springs
    First Magnitude. Big, open pool 90 foot on the east side of the Suwannee River. Depths to 20 feet.
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, fishing.
    Facilities: Bathrooms, concession.
  • Fern Hammock Springs   Marion County, Astor
    In Juniper Springs Recreation Area, Ocala National Forest. Very clear water can be crossed by a wooden foot bridge.
    Facilities: Bathrooms.
  • Fletcher Spring   Lafayette County, Hatchbend
    Densely wooded area hides this small oval pool. Green crystal water with sand basin bottom. Many dry sinks in the area.
    Acitivities: Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing.
  • Forty Fathom Grotto
    Extremely big pool, 150 feet by 225 feet. Excellent access from floating dock. Very old crustaceans on underwater ledges. Depths to 240 feet.
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, picnic areas.
    Facilities: Dive shop.
  • Gainer Springs   Bay County, Bennett
    First Magnitude. Five springs hidden in a dense forest make up the head waters of Econfina Creek.
    Activities: Snorkeling, swimming.
  • Gemini Spring
    In new 210 acre park. Twin boils 5 feet deep produce water for swimming area, although actual springs are off-limits.
    Activities: Camping, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, canoeing, hiking, picnic area.
    Facilities: Bathrooms, concession.
  • Ginnie Springs   Gilchrist County, High Springs
    Complete diving resort on the banks of the Santa Fe River. White sand floor that drops quickly from 5 feet to 18 feet in the basin to 40 feet in the cavern. Cave is sealed off.
    Activites: Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, night diving, camping, canoeing, fishing, hiking, picnic area.
    Facilities: Lodging, showers, concession, dive shop. 
  • Glen Julia Springs   Gadsden County, Mount Pleasant
    Located in Glen Julia County Park.
    Activities: Picnic area, hiking.
  • Guaranto Spring   Dixie County, Rock Bluff Landing
    Very large 240 feet by 80 feet main pool with diving board and dock.
    Activities: Dock with diving board, swimming, snorkeling, fishing.
    Facilities: Bathroom.
  • Hart Springs   Gilchrist County, Wilcox
    In Gilchrist County Recreation Area. Cypress grow on the banks of a short but large run that flows to the Suwannee River.
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, canoeing, camping, fishing, picnic area.
    Facilities: Bathrooms, concession.
  • Holton Spring   Hamilton County, Adams
    First Magnitude. Accessible by boat from the Suwannee River. Canopied mainly by oak and pine trees.
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, fishing.
  • Homosassa Springs   Citrus County, Homosassa  (904) 628-2311.
    First Magnitude. Large basin with soft bottom and depths to 12 feet.
    Natural wildlife, animal shows, see manatees during winter months.
    Activities: Hiking.
    Facilities: Bathrooms, concession.
  • Hudson Grotto
    Very large 200 foot surface pool with almost vertical walls. Depths to 130 feet. Excellent for training dives.
    Activities: Scuba diving.
    Facilities: Dive shops.
  • Ichetucknee Springs   Suwannee County, Fort White  (904)497-2511
    First Magnitude. In Ichetucknee Springs State Park
    One of the springs that form the Ichetucknee River. Main pool about 100 feet in diameter. Excellent tubing down the river.
    Info from OrlandoHotels.com
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, canoeing, tubing, fishing, picnic area.
    Facilities: Bathrooms.
  • Indian Springs   Gadsden County, Greensboro
    Privately owned by some company and used for their own functions.
  • Juniper Springs   Marion County, Astor   (352)625-3147
    In Ocala National Forest. Oblong basin bordered by concrete. Shallow, grassy bottom with depths to 16 feet. Excellent canoeing area.
    Info from OrlandoHotels.com
    Activities: Swimming, canoeing, hiking, camping.
    Facilities: Bathroom, picnic area
  • Kini Spring   Wakulla County, Bethel
    First Magnitude. Wooded hills surround large freshwater spring flowing into a sinkhole.
  • Lime Spring   Suwanee County, Ellaville
    Mostly covered by cypress, pine and oak. Used for a swimming area for Suwannee River State Park.
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling.
    Facilities: Bathrooms.
  • Lithia Springs   Hillsborough County, Lithia   (813)744-5572
    In Hillsborough County Park. Shallow, crystal clear spring in forested hilly country. Great snorkeling around boil. No scuba allowed.
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, beach area, camping.
    Facilities: Bathroom, picnic areas
  • Little River Springs   Suwannee County, Branford
    Sandy sides and bottom with few plants. One of the best cave dives in Florida. Many underwater tunnels and caves with depths to 60 feet.
    Activities: Swimming, scuba diving, cave diving, night diving, canoeing, fishing.
  • Manatee Springs   Levy County, Chiefland   (904)493-6072
    First magnitude. In Manatee Springs State Park.
    Activities: See Manatees in the winter. Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, cave diving, night diving, boating, camping, picnic areas.
    Facilities: Bathrooms, picnic areas, concession.
  • Mearson Spring
    Clear, mid-size spring with river access.
    Activites: Swimming, snorkeling.
  • Morrison Spring   Walton County, Redbay
    Huge spring basin lined with moss-covered cypress trees. Depths to 90 feet.
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, camping.
    Facilities: Concession, dive shop.
  • Natural Bridge Spring   Leon County, Woodville
    First magnitude. Surrounded by marsh and thick trees. Clearing slightly to the west. 
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing.
    Facilities: Bathroom.
  • Newport Springs   Wakulla County, Newport
    3rd Magnitude Spring. Depths to 8 feet in the 50 foot by 100 foot pool.
    Activities: Swimming.
  • Orange Grove I, II and III
    Surrounded by limestone cliffs, the large sink is usually covered by duckweed. Exceedingly clear water with depths to 60 feet in the pool and 100 feet in the cavern. Two smaller sinks are for advanced cave divers only.
    Activities: Scuba diving, cave diving.
  • Otter Springs   Gilchrist County, Wilcox
    Small headspring has two crevices which each run to caves. Small hallway runs from the caves.
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, fishing, boating, picnic area, camping.
  • Paradise Spring
    Small 20 foot pool opens immediately into two large caverns accessible to divers. Extremely interesting and enjoyable dive includes a large fossil bed.
    Activities: Scuba diving, cave diving, picnic area.
    Facilities: Showers, dive shop.
  • Peacock Springs   Suwannee County, Luraville   (904)497-2511
    In Peacock Springs State Recreation Area. Includes several springs and sinks suitable for diving with an area for swimming. Thickly wooded area with many thousand feet of underground passages. Excellent for both cave and advanced-cave divers. 
    Activities: Scuba diving, cave diving, night diving, snorkeling, swimming, fishing.
    Facilities: Bathrooms, picnic areas.
  • Pitts Spring   Bay County, Bennett
    Medium-size pool 45 foot diameter bordered by thick forest. Clear water with sandy floor. 
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling.
  • Ponce De Leon Springs   Holmes County, Ponce de Leon
    Small head pool up to 15 feet deep. Underwater natural bridge. 
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, fishing, hiking, picnic area.
    Facilities: Bathroom, showers. 
  • Rainbow Springs   Marion County, Dunnellon   (904)489-5201
    First magnitude. In Rainbow Springs State Park.
    Many sand boils make up this large crystal clear basin. Depths up to 30 feet.
    Info from OrlandoHotels.com
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, tubing down the Rainbow River, fishing, hiking, picnic areas.
    Facilities: Concession, showers.
  • Rock Bluff Springs   Gilchrist County, Bell
    Large, shallow pool. Extensive cavern system and rock fissure. Much wildlife and fish. River access.
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, fishing, canoeing.
  • Rock Springs   Orange County, Apopka
    Large spring pool and swimming area fed by spring discharge at the base of a large cliff. Interesting 1 1/2 mile run to Wekiva River.
    Info from OrlandoHotels.com

    Activities: Camping, picnic area, swimming, snorkeling.
    Facilities: Bathrooms.
  • Royal Spring
    Large 120 foot spring. Visibility increases at 40 feet. Encased by steep banks and a concrete wall.
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, cave diving, night diving, canoeing, fishing.
  • Running Spring
    Two small springs perfect for snorkeling or swimming. Situated on High Bluff over the Suwannee River. Left spring features a small underwater bridge.
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling.
  • Salt Springs   Marion County, Salt Springs   (904)685-2048
    In Ocala National Forest. 100 foot diameter spring basin partly surrounded by a boardwalk. Depths up to 15 feet in limestone crevices. Famous for blue crabs and other aquatic animals.
    Info from OrlandoHotels.com
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, boating, fishing, camping.
    Facilities: Bathrooms, showers, picnic areas.
  • Silver Glen Springs   Marion/Lake Counties, Salt Springs
    First Magnitude in Ocala National Forest. Large spring area with two small caves. Excellent for snorkeling and family recreation. Many fish and relics. Depths to 42 feet.
    Info from OrlandoHotels.com
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, camping, boating.
    Facilities: Bathrooms, lodging.
  • Silver Springs    Marion County, Ocala
    First Magnitude, tourist attraction with glass bottom boat rides.
    Info from OrlandoHotels.com
    Facilities: Restaurant, concession, picnic area.
  • Springboard Spring   Jackson County, Marianna
    Densely wooded swamp surrounds the large shallow spring basin. Small launching area for boats.
    Activities: Boating, fishing.
  • St. Marks Spring   Leon County, Woodville
    First magnitude. 85 foot deep pool forms the headwaters of the St. Marks River. Deep run flows 600 feet to the river.
    Activities: Fishing, boating.
  • Sun Springs   Gilchrist County, Wilcox
    100 foot by 50 foot basin with sandy bottom and beaches. Underwater cliff with many bream and turtles.
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, fishing.
  • Suwannee Springs   Suwannee County, Live Oak
    No activities. Very small clear green sulfur water. What makes it interesting is that it is inside the walls of an old spring house.
  • Teleford Spring   Suwannee County, Luraville
    Small basin in east bank of Suwannee River. Short run with a small cavern. Two nearby sinks are also very dangerous.
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, cave diving, fishing, beach.
  • Troy Spring   Lafayette County, Branford
    First Magnitude. Many large basins with depths to 80 feet. Sunken riverboat on bottom to explore. 
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, cave diving, night diving, boating, fishing.
  • Turtle Spring   Lafayette County, Hatchbend
    Odd-shaped basin runs into the Suwannee River. Depths to 25 feet with sandy bottom and steep banks. Tunnels 60 to 70 feet long.
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing.
  • Venetian Pool   Miami-Dade County, Coral Gables   (305)460-5356
    Fed by underground artesian wells, this pool is filled with fresh spring water daily. It is included in the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Vortex Blue Spring   Holmes County, Ponce de Leon
    Large pool 200 foot diameter, 50 feet deep. Great for instruction. Many fish.
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, cave diving, night diving, canoeing, camping, picnic area.
    Facilities: Bathrooms, showers, lodging, dive shop.
  • Wacissa Springs Group   Jefferson County, Wacissa
    First Magnitude. Combination of springs in this group feed the Wacissa River. Duckweed and other plants grow thickly on surface. Perfect for exploring.
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, canoeing, fishing, camping, picnic areas.
    Facilities: Bathrooms.
  • Wakulla Springs   Wakulla County, Wakulla
    First Magnitude. Wakulla Springs State Park includes wildlife preserve and resort. Very large deep spring. Huge cave from 125 feet to 185 feet deep.
    Activities: Recreation area, tour boats, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, picnic area.
    Facilities: Bathrooms, restaurant, concession, hotel.
  • Waldo Springs   Taylor County, Perry
    On the Fenholloway River. Medium sized 60 foot sulfur pool in the lowlands. 9 feet at deepest.
    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling.
  • Warm Mineral Springs   Sarasota County, Venice
    Swimming, snorkeling.
  • Weeki Wachee Spring   Hernando County, Weeki Wachee
    First Magnitude, tourist attraction/theme park. Spring run flows 10 miles into the Gulf. Sandy beaches and excellent snorkeling. 
    Activities: Mermaid show and museum, canoeing, guided snorkel trips, scuba diving, water slides, picnic areas.
    Facilities: Bathrooms, concession.
  • Welaka Spring   Putnam County, Welaka
    Just off the St. John's River in a semi-tropical setting.
    Activities: Swimming, fishing.
    Facilities: Bathrooms.
  • Wekiwa Springs   Apopka 
    Large 120 foot diameter spring basin fed by two springs. Depths to 20 feet. No scuba allowed.
    Info from OrlandoHotels.com

    Activities: Swimming, snorkeling.
  • Whitewater Springs   Putnam County, Palatka
    No longer flows. The town dried it up years ago. It is in the Ravine Gardens which is nice.
  • Williford Spring   Washinton County, Bennet 
    Woodlands surround this small basin 60 feet diameter. Crystal green water, sandy bottom, and boat accessible. 
    Activities: Swimming.





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