5 Things That Happen When It Rains At Disney World

Disney Rainy Day

#1 Everyone Goes Shopping

It seems like a no brainer that if it starts raining, guests will no longer want to be outside, right? At Disney, it’s no exception. Most of the covered areas are shops, and most are connected to at least one other store. Unprepared visitors will be buying umbrellas, ponchos, sweatshirts, and probably anything else they’ve been eyeing during their trip just to pass the time. Others will just enjoy being out of the storm and will overcrowd the store, making it difficult to walk around or find what you’re looking for. If you can manage, avoid shopping while it’s raining and head to a dark ride because….


#2 The Lines Get Shorter

Yes, Florida rain is essentially Disney Darwinism. It weeds out those who don’t truly want to be there. Most attractions have partially or completely covered queues anyway, so there isn’t much likelihood of you actually standing in the rain. Also, Disney knows how much everyone loves the parades and fireworks. Unless it is an incredibly heavy storm, they will do their best to make sure all of the entertainment for the day takes place, even if it gets delayed. So really, don’t blame the rain for ruining your vacation, thank it for allowing you to wait less and spend more time enjoying the attractions you went to see!

#3 The Rainy Day Cavalcade

Yes, Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade (aka the 3 o’clock parade) is a spectacular ‘celebration in the streets,’ but it happens every day. Sometimes twice per day, depending on the season. If you are in Magic Kingdom on an especially rainy day, you might just be lucky enough to see the exclusive Rainy Day Cavalcade! All of the performers wear yellow rain gear and dance about just as they normally would, and all of our favorite characters make an appearance too. They all smile and wave from covered cars because they don’t want to miss seeing you either. Again, Disney always does their very best to make sure that their guests get the very most out of their visit.


#4 Ponchos. Ponchos Everywhere.

Yes, Disney sells rain ponchos. However, like anything else that can be purchased at a theme park, it can usually be found for cheaper elsewhere. Disney ponchos are usually $9, and for a family of 5, that can be a pretty hefty price. Check the weather forecast for you trip, and if it looks like it might rain, stop by your local Dollar Tree and pick up a few $1 ones instead. You’ll save more, and it won’t feel so bad throwing them away when you pack up and head home. A word of warning: be careful when leaving ponchos on for rides. It is easy to think “well, better not waste the time taking them taking them off when we have to put them on again in 7.5 minutes,” but it may be the better option. Because ponchos are designed to cover most of the body, they are usually long. This means that there’s more material that you (or your child) may not be accounting for in your seat. Ponchos can easily catch in the tracks of many rides, especially omnimovers like The Haunted Mansion or Peoplemover. Be safe, folks!


#5 The Sun Comes Back (Usually)

In Florida, it’s common for rain to come and go in the blink of an eye. Don’t let it discourage you! There are dark rides (indoor attractions) in every park to enjoy while it's gloomy outside. Have fun, maybe jump in a few puddles, dance in the rain, and make the most of your visit. After all, it is the most magical place on Earth!

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