Disney World Closes 2 Consecutive Days for Hurricane Irma

Only 4 times in history has Disney World parks been closed a full day
Patti Jewel
Disney Closing for Hurricane Irma

Disney World Closing for Hurricane Irma

For those who have not canceled their Disney plans for the weekend, or those who have plans for Monday, Disney just released some unfortunate news. They are closing all Disney World parks starting earlier on Saturday all the way through Monday. They expect to re-open on Tuesday. 

The storm is expected to make landfall in south Florida early Sunday morning with winds and rain from the storm starting Saturday. Central Florida is not expected to be impacted until late Sunday through early Monday. 

Only a few times since it opened in 1971 has Disney World ever closed and it is always due to a hurricane.

September 15, 1999 - Hurricane Floyd

September 4-5, 2004 - Hurricane Frances

September 26, 2004 - Hurricane Jeanne

October 7, 2016 - Hurricane Matthew

Not to worry if you have reservations or plans. The happiest place on earth is great about rescheduling and working with you to keep you happy. If you are staying at the resorts, they will be staying open and will accommodate all guests.