Florida Photographers - What you should do if someone Reposts one of your images

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So you took a beautiful photo and you want to share it to instagram, your website or other social platforms. But how do you protect it from theft? 

How protective are you over your images? 

I don't think I have met a photographer who is not very protective over their work, and they should be, because good photographs take skill, time and effort. You don't want someone stealing them or using them without your permission, nor should they. As an amateur photographer who has family and friends who are professional photographers, I totally get it. 

But what about reposts where you are credited? 

Some photographers don't want people reposting their images. But I always have to ask, why wouldn't you want your photos shared if the sharer credits you and links to your webpage or social account? It is simply FREE marketing (which is really hard to get in todays world). It is one of the best ways to expand your reach and increase brand recognition. 

If you don't care about free promotions and people loving and sharing your images, then please, add text in your profile stating that you do not want your images shared, or add it to any of your posts. It is quite easy to do and in todays sharable world, it is a must if you don't want people to share the love. 

So what do you do if someone does repost one of your images and gave you credit?

Say Thank you in the comments! It confirms your credibility as the photographer and puts you in front of the people who love the image. 

But what if you don't want it on their page?

Take a positive approach and act out of love and not hate. Chances are, they just love your image and want to help expand your reach or tell their friends about you. If they credited you, they meant no harm. 

The best approach is to Contact them and thank them for the compliment of liking your image so much they wanted to share it. Then ask them to kindly remove your image. This works pretty much 100% of the time because people don't want to promote you or share your stuff if you don't want them to.

If for some crazy reason, they won't take down the image you are protecting from being shared, then and ONLY then, report it to the platform (instagram, facebook, twitter, etc). The only time you should ever report to the platform is when you are not credited or they do not respond to removing the image. 

Then be sure to add to your profile "do not repost" so it is clear you do not want your stuff shared. Most people don't share your stuff for profit, they share because they love it. So be clear that you don't want your images shared.

Reacting positively and communicating first will keep a good rapport between you and the person who tried to share your stuff, and who knows, they might even become a client or recommend your photography services to a friend. But if you report them to the platform without communicating first, you have lost any chance of networking, future promotional opportunities and potential clients. This kind of negative response is a sure way to lose a fan. And what are you posting for if you don't want to show off your stuff and get fans? 

On FloridaSmart, we seek out images from Floridians, entrepreneurs and small business owners to share in order to help you expand your reach. We always reach out for permission from the creator. It is one of the easiest, least costly and most positive things you can do as an entrepreneur to increase your followers and expand your reach. We believe in collaboration over competition and love to collaborate with other businesses, network and we encourage credited repost!