Floridians in 2018 Winter Olympics? Oh Yea!

Patti Jewel
2018 Olympic Speedskaters Floridians
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Inline Speed Skating is a pretty popular sport here in Florida. And now, this year, we have 4 Speed Skating athletes competing in the 2018 Winter Olympics Games. And 3 of them are from Ocala Florida where there is no ice rink! So how do they train? These athletes spend a large portion of their training on wheels at the local roller rink and outdoor track. Since inline skating mirrors speedskating on ice in many ways, much of the techniques and training is the same. 

Our Florida Athletes in the 2018 Winter Olympics are:

Brittany Bowe, 29, of Ocala - Long track speedskating
2018 Speedskater Winter Olympian - Brittany Bowe

Joey Mantia, 32, of Ocala - speed skater who was a world record holder in inline speed skating
2018 Speedskater Winter Olympian - Joey Mantia

Erin Jackson, 25, of Ocala - speed skater who is a former World Champion in inline speed skating. Erin is also the first black woman to ever make the U.S. long track U.S. Olympics speedskating team.
2018 Speedskater Winter Olympian - Erin Jackson

Mia Manganello, 28, of Crestview - Long track speedskating
2018 Speedskater Olympian - Mia Manganello

Brandon Maxwell, 26, of Winter Park - ice hockey goaltender
2018 Hockey Goalie Winter Olympian - Brandon Maxwell