My new favorite ride of all time is at Disney's Animal Kingdom... Avatar Flight of Passage

Disney has Truly Created Something Magical
Patti Jewel
Avatar Flight of Passage Seats

This ride is a full experience that puts you in Pandora riding a Banshee. You feel the whole experience, from sitting on a motorbike type of seat, to 3D glasses, you are an Avatar riding a Banshee and you are in the action. You can even feel the Banshee breathing between your legs as if you are really riding it.


But be warned. This ride is intense! If you or your children don't like the feeling of falling, this ride just might terrify you as the banshee drops several times very fast. 

Complete Ride Through Video - the real experience is so much better!

If you have been on Soarin in Disney's Epcot and you love it, Avatar Flight of Passage takes a similar experience to the next level. If you wish you could ride a banshee, here's your chance!  

The wait time...

We got lucky and only had to wait about an hour. I have seen wait times on my Disney App up to 3 hours long! For our experience, the time on the wait time clock said it would be 75 minutes and only took about 60.

And the wait is really not so bad. The line weaves you through different rooms and different settings that keep things interesting.

Note, unless you are staying at a Disney Resort and planned 60 days ahead, it is very unlikely you will get a fastpass for a Pandora ride, probably for a year or more. I have still been trying to get a fastpass for Epcots new-ish ride Frozen for about a year now and it is still always sold out. So plan to wait in line. Just be sure to get fastpasses for other rides at Animal Kingdom the day of your visit, then it won't seem so frustrating waiting in line for this ride. Of course if you are staying in a resort, get online 60 days prior to your visit and get your fastpass! 

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