A Parade of Splendor at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Winfield Pearson
Cinderella's Carriage

Enormous Christmas Tree at the EntranceEnjoy this unique version of the classic Magic Kingdom parade during many dates in November and December. You'll notice the park is a little different when you walk in and see the gigantic Christmas Tree and other decor. Its an otherwise normal day at the park, other than its late, four o'clock opening time. When the ropes start coming out and and your fellow guests get ushered aside, you start to see something really special.

Snow White Dripping in Christmas Garland, Snow White dances with her true love in a charming, Christmas gazebo.

Aladdin Main CharactersEven Alladin's Agrabah is decked out for the season. Jasmine and Aladdin stand hand in hand, while the ice-like columns of their float reflect the lights around them. 


Everyone's favorite Goofy gets the Christmas treatment too. This year he plays a sort of gumball mad scientist.

Santa Claus

Santa of Course of course gets to close the parade on his own snow covered float. He marks the end of the show, and tops another great night at Magic Kingdom.

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Haley Holding