Parks to Visit in Winter Park

Samantha Kern
Kraft Azalea Park
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Parks are the perfect way to spend a few hours with friends and family or even by yourself. Florida is a large state, so there are plenty of parks all around to visit for a couple of hours. In Winter Park, there are eleven parks for you to visit and enjoy. Whether you want to burn a few calories, have a playground for your kids, or take a relaxing stroll around a lake, there are a couple different places for you to look into if you’re in the Winter Park area. 

Parks for the Children

Cady Way Park is a great place for kids. The park features a playground, and the Cady Way Trail is nearby for those that want to take a relaxing stroll. With benches for parents to sit on while their children play, this is a great place to spend a few hours. There are also some grassy areas if parents want to pack a picnic. 

Phelps Park is hosted on almost six acres of land. With playgrounds for the kids, basketball and tennis courts to play/practice in, and pavilions with benches and picnic tables, this makes for the perfect family outing.

Shady Park is located in Hannibal Square and while they have benches and a pathway for walking, the best part is the “spray play” water feature. It’s exactly what it sounds like as a small area for kids of all ages to play in the water that springs up from the ground to make kids scream and giggle. This is a working area from April through October for everyone to enjoy. 

Parks for Exercising

Howell Branch Preserve is about ten acres of land surrounded by wetlands. While there is a playground for kids to enjoy, those who want an outdoor place to exercise can enjoy the fitness trail. Around this fitness trail is exercise equipment so you can stretch all of those muscles instead of just the legs. 

Ward Park is just under 67 acres dedicated to sports lands. There are baseball/softball fields, soccer fields, tennis courts, a large playground, a fitness trail as well as a bike trail, a paved walking path, and a swimming pool. Whoever visits here will surely burn some calories!

Parks for Relaxing

Kraft Azalea Garden is a lovely place to visit for a relaxing stroll. The land has a little more than five acres of walkways for people to enjoy and the area is really pretty. There’s palm trees of course, but there are also flowers planted around the area and plenty of Cypress trees for a shady walk. This area sits next to Lake Maitland, which is beautiful to see when the sun is shining on it. This garden is quiet and in a relatively secluded area that can be visited any time of year. Be sure to check out the Banyan tree that sits on the land. Where normally Banyan trees don’t grow this far north, the one in Kraft Azalea Garden has been there since before the 1950s. People may bring their dogs with them but they must remained leashed. 

The Mead Botanical Gardens are the perfect place to visit for a relaxing stroll. The walkways make for easier walking for those with canes or walkers and the views are lovely. There is a creek for guests to admire as well as a greenhouse, butterfly garden, and a pond. Quite frequently, turtles and a variety of birds can be seen enjoying the pond as well. This is a tranquil place to visit for those that would like some peace and quiet in their otherwise loud and chaotic lives. 

Lake Baldwin Park covers slightly more than 23 acres on Lake Baldwin and is one of two parks that has a sandy beach to enjoy. The best part of Lake Baldwin Park, though, is the fact that it dog friendly. Not only can you bring your four legged friends here, you can let them off the leash so they can run and play with other dogs. With restrooms, benches, and picnic tables, this is a good area to enjoy with your four legged friend.