A Quest at Falling Waters State Park

“Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints” is the only park sign I’ve ever read that has truly left an imprint on me, and it is the first sign you see as you enter the trail system at Falling Waters State Park in north Florida.

But how often do we really read signs? I mean we usually just trek strait past them and on to the adventures that lie ahead without one care in the world. Which you could do here without a single regret, as the adventures that proceed the boring old signs are definitely worth the trek.

Falling Waters State Park is home to the tallest waterfall in the state of Florida, and when you consider that this is Florida we’re talking about it may also be the only waterfall in Florida. But if that was the case, this waterfall surely represents the state well as it has made for one of the most amazing sights I’ve ever laid my eyes upon.

If you make it successfully to the trailhead that leads to every trail and don’t accidentally park in the wrong area like I do on just about every trip I go on, then you should start with the sinkholes trail (I think that’s what it’s called), as it takes you around some of the most incredible sinkholes anywhere around.

The trail takes you on a board walk that walks directly over top of at least a dozen sinkholes. Each sinkhole leading endlessly into the ground and seemingly connecting to the others through what looks like caves beneath the limestone.

I really just came here to find gold – black gold.

Not really, but if it weren’t for the explorers of the past that did come here for that reason, these sinkholes would not even exist. Or maybe they would, I don’t really know, but that would make sense, and it sounds pretty cool.

Once you see the sinkholes you can head down to the main trail that takes you to the actual waterfall. And let me tell you, the sinkhole this waterfall flows into makes the other sinkholes look tiny! Because this sinkhole is absolutely incredible! And the trail actually takes you part way in to the sinkhole so that you’re looking up at the start of a waterfall that flows about 100 feet downwards strait into the pit beneath. A breathtaking view for any adventurer and a must see.

If you continue on the trail, you’ll eventually reach a lake which is cool too and even has a swimming area – but if you’re anything like me you’ll decide to turn around and go back the waterfall just to take its beauty in one more time. Because it’s that good. Overall, Falling Water’s State Park is a solid 9/10 on the Quest meter.

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