Reflections of 2020: Looking Back and Moving Forward

Patti Jewel

It seems 100 years has passed since last new years. This past year people all over the world were thrown into a different way of life, wearing masks, working from home, zoom meetings, and home schooling. It was a year of many tribulations and hardships, sadness, frustrations, and discourse. But also a year of learning, growing, coming together, and sharing.

As a humanity, we are strong, especially when we come together. And sometimes, it's through the hardships that we survive and become stronger. As we enter into 2021, we have hope with a vaccine that can help us rid the world of this pandemic. COVID is strong, but as a species, we are stronger. Medical science will continue to advance and our leadership will continue to learn how to respond to future health threats. 

As Floridians, I am hopeful that we can overcome the discourse that is caused by propaganda. I am hopeful that we can learn to work through the beliefs that separate us and learn to accept each other and come together for the good of the many. I believe that all people want to do good and be good, and my hope for 2021 and beyond, is that people let go of their hate for those who don't have the same beliefs, the same party affiliation, or the same news gossip. 

At FloridaSmart, we will be promoting positive stories and showcasing the things in life that unite, not separate us. We will be connecting with businesses and entrepreneurs in Florida and offering promotional and marketing options that are a fraction of the cost of other media in order to help the businesses in Florida get back on their feet and grow in 2021. 

On a combined personal and professional mission, I am starting the new year on a journey around the coastal regions of Florida to showcase the things that bring people together. As we travel around the state, we will be building the largest business directory in the cities and towns all across Florida to help small business gain more exposure without the high costs of other marketing methods.

Our goal is simple. To share what makes Florida a great place to live and to visit and to share the positive stories of the people who live and work here. Our mission is to build a strong local community and to unite Floridians. 

Connect with us and join our growing community in 2021. Be sure your business is listed so you can be found and gain more visibility online. Our newest marketing opportunities for small businesses offers an innovative collaboration that provides mass media promotions at a fraction of the cost. Learn more here. 

I look forward to connecting and growing in 2021 and would like to thank everyone in our community for sticking with us in 2020. We are excited to see everything start to come back to active life around the state with schools, restaurants, attractions and everyone back to normal living in 2021. Stay connected and share your stories with us. Meet me on the beach and Walk in the Sand with me. And try to stay positive and loving with everyone in your life and those you meet. 

Happy New Year and Wishing You a Prosperous, Healthy and Happy 2021.