The Stars of Iam50Million

Winfield Pearson
The Stars of Iam50Million
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Iam50Million and Cindy Kleinkopf


It’s not every night you go to a show and see a group of people walk onto a stage with nothing prepared….

But this is exactly what I saw one fall night some two years ago at "The Stage" in Winter Springs when I went to the Iam50Million improv show. There were a dozen and a half or so smiling faces, uniformly decked out in camp counselor-like matching black t-shirts and jeans, who walked calmly under the hot, beaming lights. Despite the impromptu nature of the show tasks they were to perform that evening, not one of the crew showed any sign of being uncomfortable under the spotlight. I would learn later that every member worked a regular job, and few, if any, had ever even had stage experience outside of the group. More time with Iam50Million would also show me that every member of the team had long been developing a support group amongst one another through a long period of team and rapport building. So, despite the crowd, despite the lack of obvious preparation, their environment of support came on stage with them, and what would be abject terror for most, was for the Iam50Million improv troupe just a bunch of games.