Why Your Florida Website Should be Updated

If you haven’t updated your website lately, you are losing business.
Important reasons to update your website


Provided by: FloridaSmart Digital Services Team

When was the last time you updated your Florida Business website? I know, I know, it is the last thing you want to think about. After all, you are busy running your business, trying to get clients, and managing the day to days of your job. But, if you are serious about presenting your business to the world in a professional way, then you need to take a look at your website and compare it to todays standards. 

You may be thinking, if it's not broken, why fix it. 

Here are the biggest reasons why that philosophy doesn't work with websites and why you need to upgrade your site. 

Appear Professional - Your website is a direct link to the world and how you are perceived. Your clients and potential clients will draw a conclusion about your professionalism and expertise based on the way your site looks.

SEO - Google, google, google. If your site is not responsive, does not incorporate google analytics and technologies, you are falling in the search rankings every single day. Google ranks higher the websites that are kept up to date, work well on mobile, and puts the clients user experience as a priority. 

Responsive Website - I'm sure you've heard this phrase by now. It was the buzzword many years ago and if you ignored it, then you need to go to your website on your cell phone and see how it compares with the sites you like to visit on your cell phone. More and more people are only using these devises and your site needs to get with the trend. 

Security - older websites are targets for hackers. If your software isn't being updated, then the security updates are not being applied and your site is vulnerable to hacks. I recently re-designed a site that was seriously hacked and it was reflected on google searches! Google knows and warns your visitors. 

Networking and Communicating with your visitors - Your website is still the number one way for people to find you on Google or other searches. It is the best place to integrate all of your contact information, social media sites and collect emails. 

If you haven't updated your website in 3 years or more, then you are going to lose rankings in google, lose credibility to your clients, and are at a much higher risk for getting hacked.