Top 10 movies produced in FL
Top 10 movies produced in FL
Can you guess what they are?
Karai Mclean
Island Grove Company at Formosa Gardens
Central Florida's Newest Winery
My experience at Island Grove Wine Company at Formosa Gardens
Anora Sotomayor
Cape Canaveral Shuttle Launch
Shuttle Launch View from Cape Canaveral Beach
Spend the day at the beach and watch a shuttle launch
Patti Jewel
Unbelievable Food Trucks Roaming Central Florida
Alyssa Rivera
March for Our Lives Orlando 3/24/18
March for Our Lives Orlando Experience at Lake Eola
With an estimated 20,000+ strong demanding action
Patti Jewel
Hurricane Irma School Closings
Hurricane Irma - Back to School After the Storm
As Florida recovers, students in many school systems are finally able to return to school
Patti Jewel
Central Florida's Best Local Seafood Restaurants
Alex Caballero
Florida Inventions
6 Things Invented in Florida
Florida is home to some really great inventions. Can you guess our top 6?
Cortney Tarell
Florida Estate Sales & Liquidators
Find some great deals at a Florida Estate Sale
See Why Florida Estate Sales are so Trendy
Patti Jewel
Florida Best Lighthouses
Florida's 10 Best Lighthouses
With over a thousand miles of coastline, it's no wonder Florida has some of the best lighthouses in the U.S. Check out our pick for the top 10.
Cortney Tarell
Hyperloop Florida
Patti Jewel
Florida's Unique Museum - Shell Museum
10 Unique Museums in Florida
With so many museums in Florida, we thought it would be fun to show you a unique experience with our choices of the most original museums in Florida.
Cortney Tarell
Beautiful Florida College Campuses
Florida's Beautiful College Campuses
Some of the most beautiful College campuses in the country are here in Florida.
Florida State Play
Florida's State Play: Cross and Sword
Yes, Florida has an official State Play! Check it out.
Patti Jewel
Starwars Celebration Orlando 2017
Star Wars Celebration Orlando Florida 2017
Star Wars fans gather for the largest annual Star Wars Celebration in Orlando
Patti Jewel
Florida State Songs
Florida's State Song and Anthem
Yes, Florida is special. We have 2 songs!
Patti Jewel