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Movies are one of the most popular (and certainly most profitable) media industries in the world. They speak a universal language that people of all cultures and backgrounds can understand. Whether you’re looking to watch movies, learn about how movies are made, or get involved in the film industry yourself, you can do it here in Florida.

Florida was referred to as Hollywood East in the past and was 3rd in filmmaking in the U.S. behind California and New York back in 2006. Florida is still a great place for filming because of it's year round warm climate. Production as early as 1916 has taken place in Florida and 100's of motion picture films, TV series, commercials and live shows have been filmed in whole or in part here in our beautiful state. Most of the film production in Florida takes place in Miami South Florida Region and Orlando/Tampa Central Florida Region. 

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Top 10 movies produced in FL
Top 10 movies produced in FL
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