Florida Theater Companies & Community Theaters

Community Theater is a great way to get involved in theater without doing it professionally. If you love to act or perform there are companies in cities throughout Florida for people of all experience levels. There are companies for kids, companies for adults, and companies where you and your kids can perform together. Whatever you’re looking for you can find it here in Florida.

The Dramatic Education Inc has different programs available for their students. This theatre is for children in K-3. They do one performance per season with songs and choreography to Disney songs.

The Greater Orlando Actors Theatre’s goal is to provoke thought and communication through having traditional and avant-garde productions. They want their audiences to be enlightened and entertained when watching each production. They also want to challenge attitudes, stereotypes, and preconceived notions that people have about theatre. They are doing this by introducing their audience to contemporary concerns in each production they do. This small theatre usually produces between two to three shows a year. They also produce some musical theatre productions.

The Live Oak Theatre Company does three productions every season. You can be any age to audition for the Live Oak Theatre Company. There are group classes and private classes. Prices and classes available are on their website. 

With a cool, unique name the Outré Theatre Company has unique productions and tributes to different bands. Maybe they have your favorite bands performing. Check their website for more information.

Beth Marshall Presents is a theatre company made by Beth Marshall. She offers new plays every season. You won't see Beth Marshall Presents do a play twice. Beth usually does between four to eight plays per season, and she does a lot of different plays. Beth never sticks to a specific genre, and she picks a lot a plays with a powerful meanings.

The Celebration Theatre Company does three musicals a season. So all the musical theatre lovers in Orlando, especially in Orange County, should check it out. They have volunteer and production opportunities available. For all information about shows, volunteering, ticket prices, and auditions look at the website below. 

The Gulfshore Playhouse is a small theatre in Naples where every seat is a good seat. It is a professional theatre that gives people an opportunity to work in show business while bringing the arts to a broad audience of supporters.

The Mad Cat Theatre does small Productions and they also let small artists and bands perform at the theatre. If you live near Miami Shores and you are a new band or artist looking for a venue to perform email them. 

The MNM Theatre Company does four musicals per season. They do classic musicals, new musicals that are out now, and they make their own musicals. 

The Opera Orlando does seven shows a season. They do musicals and regular plays. They have different education programs also available. If you want more information on auditions, productions, and educational programs in the arts check out their website. 

The Orlando Repertory Theatre has presented Sensory-Friendly performances since 2013. These performances have been modified for people with sensory processing disorders and people who have special needs. They also provide three public sensory-friendly performances each season. The Orlando Repertory Theatre did an excellent thing by having sensory-friendly performances because they help people with disabilities be able to enjoy the theatre. Orlando Repertory Theatre has shows that toddlers will love and they also do holiday theme shows as well. For more information check their website.

Penguin Point Productions is a theatre company offering a variety of classes in acting, voice, writing, and more for people of all ages interested in theatrical performance. There are ongoing classes and summer classes open for enrollment, and there are shows and events put on for all to attend. Their goal is to partner with local artists and teach kids and adults of all ages as well as help them hone and utilize their talents.

The Playwrights' Round Table is a very busy theatre company. They are always having auditions, callbacks, practicing for a coming up production, doing a play, or doing workshops. If you want to see one of their many productions or be involved in one all that information is on their website.

Shine In the Limelight has acting classes and dance classes available for everyone who wants to be in the performing arts. Shine In the Limelight does a lot of different Musical Theatre productions. If you are a Musical Theatre fan, you should check out Shine In the Limelight. Check out their website for more information.

Do you want to see a comedic ethnic show about different topics? Then you should go to to the Sunshine Theatre in Coral Springs Florida. 

The Theatre South Playhouse has a fantastic team of caring and supportive instructors. The Theatre South Playhouse provides shows for the whole family to enjoy. If you are a musical theatre lover, they have productions for you there too. They also have acting classes available for kids and teens. You can get private lessons, or you can go to group lessons depending on how you're comfortable. They also provide other classes and they have a summer camp that your children can do to as well.


TheatreWorks has three shows per season. They do both musicals and regular plays. You can volunteer or participate. You should check this theatre out if you live in Polk County. For all Information about shows, volunteering, ticket prices, and auditions look at the website below. 

Treasure Coast Community Theatre is currently the only community theatre program located in Port St Lucie. The theatre offers productions in award winning comedies and dramas, putting on a new play just about every month. They feature performers of all ages, and they host open auditions to anyone interested in trying out for a role. They even offer summer camps for kids interested in being a part of the theatre community. It is an incredibly inclusive and fun atmosphere for all to participate in, and they are open everyday just waiting for customers or guests to drop by on some of the magic.