The Balance of Gaia is a New Strategic Card Game for Nature Lovers, Nerds and Everyone!

Nerds, animals lovers, earth lovers and those who love all things natural, a new game was recently launched and is a must play if you are in tune with nature and are looking for a new fun strategy game. Introducing the Balance of Gaia. This game is strategic, thought-provoking, creative and best of all, super fun!

Gather your friends and get the Original collection while supplies last. This introductory set includes 104 unique nature-based game cards, featuring real world habitats, plants, animals, dinosaurs and things found in nature. With The Balance of Gaia Original Collection, you also get a gaming mat, 12 move stones, and rulebook.

Each game is played with 2 players who match up head to head using unique decks they custom create for each game. This is the start of the strategy in choosing the cards to put into play. The game mat consists of 5 regions on which each player will place their habitat cards along with plant and animal cards (creature cards) within the habitats. The goal of the game is to strategically build up an EV (Eco Value) and end the game with more points than your opponent.

The game gets even more challenging with the Effect Cards and Move Stones. With Creature values and abilities, along with the move stones you can change the eco value, sometimes dramatically changing the game and locking out your opponent. The game grows more challenging and exciting as the board fills up, move stones are used, and strategies come into play.

Founder and Creator

The game was created by Tiger Tarell, a Florida native who is a lover of trees and the natural world. The idea of the game came from years of creating games as a child with his brother Sam, and contributor to The Balance of Gaia concept. The two brothers wanted to create a game that represented the true balance of nature and showcased a respect for the earth and its natural habitats. Being game nerds and nature lovers, The Balance of Gaia was conceptualized and through years of dedicated design, testing and playing, the original collection was launched.

Order the Original Collection on their website at and click here to get the Complete set with a FloridaSmart exclusive habitat card! 

Disclosure: Tiger is an editorial member of the FloridaSmart family and we are excited to promote his game and entrepreneurial adventure. 

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