Florida Lighthouses

Florida is home to over 30 lighthouses, many of which are famous all around the world. Most Florida lighthouses are still active and are open to the public. They are often used for other purposes such as museums, marine research centers, and weather stations. 

Florida Best Lighthouses
Florida's 10 Best Lighthouses
With over a thousand miles of coastline, it's no wonder Florida has some of the best lighthouses in the U.S. Check out our pick for the top 10.

The oldest structure in the city, the St. Augustine Lighthouse has stood erect for nearly 145 years. Visit the working remains of Florida's first lighthouse and experience the rich history of a once vital structure.

Rebuilt in 2008, the St. George Island lighthouse is located on beautiful St. George Island Florida. The two-story building built next to it is a replica of the keeper’s house and now houses a museum and gift shop to tell visitors about the history of the lighthouse and its keepers. It is located near beautiful blue waters and white sandy beaches, perfect for a family day exploring the beaches and learning about old Florida history.

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The Key West Lighthouse was opened in 1848 to help curb the shipwrecks that were always common in the area. When it opened it became one of the first lighthouses to have a female keeper. It closed in 1969 but remains as a museum and tourist attraction. Visitors can climb the 88 steps to the top and peruse the grounds to learn more about life in a lighthouse.

Key West Lighthouse & Keeper's Quarters

The oldest structure on the island, Port Boca Grande Lighthouse is a 1890s lighthouse on Gasparilla Island.

Port Boca Grande Lighthouse