There is no more successful theme park resort than Walt Disney World. Covering over  27,258 acres (nearly 50 sq. miles!), the Walt Disney World Resort houses 27 themed resort hotels, 9 non-Disney operated hotels, four theme parks, two water parks, multiple golf courses, a campground, entertainment venues, a full shopping center, and millions of magical memories.

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Some Interesting History:

As businesses sprang up in Anaheim, Walt regretted not purchasing more land around Disneyland to keep the park an immersive experience; he would not make the same mistake twice. He used many empty business names and pseudonyms to purchase land in Florida for less than $100 an acre before anyone realized what he was doing. Once the news was out that Disney was buying Floridian land, the cost rose by about 1000% and some of the last acres cost $80,000. Following the purchase, the first thing Walt did was set aside a 7,500 acre Conservation Area in 1970, which would never be built on. The false businesses and names he used when buying the land can be seen on some of the windows down Main Street U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom.

Holiday Season November 2019 through New Years

Location: Walt Disney World, Florida

Disney has so many different holiday celebrations all throughout the parks. One of the highlights is Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party in the Magic Kingdom. Also make sure to check out Epcot's International Festival of the Holidays and Hollywood Studio's Sunset Seasons Greetings.


Disney Springs is Walt Disney World's premier shopping and entertainment district. It's a great way to spend a Disney day outside of the parks. It is one of Central Florida's best places to shop, with high end shopping including stores you won't find anywhere else in the state. You can watch the latest movies at the amazing AMC dine in theater. Eat a delicious meal there or at any of Disney Springs' other world class restaurants - there are over 50 to choose from. Go bowling at Splitsville Luxury Lanes or check out the NBA Experience (new in 2019) for a fun way to spend the day. Catch one of your favorite bands performing at The House of Blues, or just enjoy some of the other live music throughout the Springs. With all this and so much more, you can't be bored here no matter how you choose to spend your time.

Disney Springs

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