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Florida is an excellent vacation spot for every aviation enthusiast. There are many aviation and space museums located throughout the state, most prominently in Central Florida. The National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola is the largest naval aviation museum in the country. The Kennedy Space Center’s location in Cape Canaveral has made Florida one of the most important sites for air travel in the world, so Florida is the perfect place to check out a space or aviation museum and learn about the history of NASA and flight in general.

Explore the history of manned spaceflight at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex "where rockets launch and inspirational journeys begin". 

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The American Space Museum and Space Walk of Fame is a museum in Titusville, Florida, that serves to preserve the history of the U.S Space program. One can find many unique things on display in their exhibit halls such as space suits, aircraft parts, active launch consoles, and much more. Some of the galleries are dedicated to previous space projects that include Mercury, Apollo, and Gemini. In their walk of fame, one can cruise through the hall as they encounter the names of previous space pioneers who were responsible for making the space program what it is today. The American Space Museum and Space Walk of Fame is appropriate for all ages, as they contain a discovery room for younger children to enjoy. 

American Space Museum and Space Walk of Fame

The Planetarium at Seminole State College offers a one-of-a-kind experience to every space lover. Come for unique presentations "from traditional star displays and cultural shows that detail the importance of astronomy around the world, to feature presentations that whisk you through the depths of outer space".

Fantasy of Flight might be small, but it's an awesome "museum" to visit if you're in the area of Polk City. It's not exactly a museum, but rather a hanger filled with aircraft. From I-4, there is a big sign that advertises the business but there's also a cool old-fashioned plane that sits on the property for people in passing cars to see a sample of the items that are housed here. The aviation hangar holds a collection of vintage aircraft from a variety of eras, starting with the early 1900s when flying was just starting to take off to World War I and World War II as well as a select few machines from the 1950s.

The hangar can hold up to 25 airplanes at any given time, although they are often switched out with others for regular maintenance and cleaning. There's also a little gift shop to check out for those who would like to have their own little aviation memorabilia. If you're a big fan of flying contraptions and would love to see a little bit history right in front of you, this is a great place to check out as a summer time activity! They do have a limited time schedule in which they are open, so it's recommended to check out their calendar to pick a day that works best for you. Regular business hours are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 11 am to 3 pm from June to July and November to April. 


The Phillip and Patricia Frost Science Museum is a museum in Downtown Miami that includes a planetarium, an aquarium, and so much more. The exhibits offer something for people of all ages and education levels. Check out the website for information about events and temporary exhibits.

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Honoring the past, educating the future, and preserving the heritage are the goals at the Valiant Air Command Warbird Aviation museum. They have a growing collection of warbirds that span from the beginning of their development to the modern day. They offer tours to educate the public on the history of the warbirds, airshows, and special events for children and adults alike. Go to one of their monthly fly in breakfasts for some great food, flying, and a chance to know what this museum is all about. Event dates are listed on the homepage of the company's website. 

Valiant Air Command Warbird Aviation