Florida History Museums & Collections

Florida is home to a large number of history museums. These museums can be found in cities all across the state. Some of them focus on general history, but there are also many focusing on specific themes such as Native American history, military history, or the history of Florida. 

The Orange County Regional History Center is the best place to learn about the history of this region. It has exhibits that follow the history of Florida through its natural places, indigenous people, first contact by Spanish explorers, it's position as an early tourism destination, and more. Temporary exhibitions, educational programs, and events make this a great place to come back to again and again.

Orange County Regional History Center

The Titanic: Artifact Exhibition is a unique experience where visitors of the Orlando, Florida area can visit to experience a little bit of history. With actual artifacts and replicas of artifacts covering the walls of several rooms, clients can learn the history behind the dreaded vessel as a passenger of the ship. 

The Wells' Built Museum is located inside of the historic Wells' Built hotel, a hotel built by one of Orlando's first African-American doctors, William Monroe Wells in 1921. It was built to host black travelers who were not welcome in the segregated hotels in the area. Today it is a museum dedicated to African-American history in Central Florida.

Wells' Built Museum

The Winter Park History Museum contains collections that help to preserve the history of Winter Park and its surrounding areas. Check out their website for temporary exhibits, special events, and educational programs.

Winter Park History Museum

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