Medical Aesthetics in Florida

Aesthetic Medicine comprises all elective medical procedures that are aimed at improving the physical appearance of their patients using non-invasive to minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. Some Aesthetic Medicine procedures are performed under local anesthesia while some procedures don't require anesthetics at all. While Medical Aestheticians include plastic surgeons and dermatologists, other specialty fields also offer aesthetic services and spas are a top retreat for aesthetic procedures. 

These treatments remove unwanted wrinkles, scars, hair, and fat from the body to reveal all your natural beauty. These treatments can also offer health and wellness benefits for the mind and body.

The broad aesthetic medicine field includes surgical procedures like liposuction and facelifts and non-surgical treatments like Botox, chemical peels, laser hair removal, and CoolSculpting.

Medical Aesthetics treatments include cosmetic dermatology treatments, botox, chemical peels, facelifts, injections of dermal fillers, microdermabration, liposuction, CoolSculpting, fat grafting, body contouring, cellulite treatment, cosmetic gynecology, hair transplants, hair reduction and removal, and more. 

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At Aesthetic Plastic Surgery & Med Spa of Naples, FL., board-certified plastic surgeon Kent V. Hasen, MD performs plastic surgery procedures. Specializing in cosmetic surgery for the face, body and breasts as well as hair transplant and restoration with NeoGraft®.