Florida Gardens

Florida’s wide variety of beautiful plants and yearlong warm sunny days make it the perfect setting for gardens of all kinds. These gardens can be amazing places for family picnics, wedding ceremonies, and many other events. They can be found all around Florida and may vary based on the plants that grow best in each particular place. Some gardens stand on their own, others are connected to museums or animal attractions.

The Bok Tower Gardens makes for the perfect day trip on a bright and sunny Florida day. Not only are there 250 acres of gardens to enjoy, there is also the stunning Bok Tower, also known as the Singing Tower. This tower is definitely the highlight of the grounds, with it's beautiful architecture and ringing carillon bells throughout the day. The structure started construction in 1927 and finished in 1929 and has since been standing tall and ringing its bells proudly. The grounds are perfect for an afternoon picnic and as long as you clean up after them, dogs are allowed in most parts of the historical area. 

Bok Tower

Mead Garden is a beautiful place to visit if you have to kill a few hours. There are lovely plants to enjoy as well as a pond with all kinds of wildlife to watch. Be sure to check out the butterfly garden here for an extra treat!