Gilchrist County

Gilchrist County is located in Northeast bordering Alachua, Columbia, Dixie, Lafayette, Levy and Suwannee Counties. 

Gilchrist County was established in 1925 named for Albert W. Gilchrist who was the Governor of Florida. 

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Gilchrist is a small school district located in a rural part of Florida. Approximately 2700 students attend Gilchrist Public Schools. The schools in this district offer comprehensive programs geared toward preparing students for life after graduation. Most recently, Gilchrist Public Schools were featured on MSN for being rated as the Best School District in Florida by Start Class after analyzing each school’s academic performance and satisfaction scores.

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This is the ideal County for those who love to take a dip in the clear blue waters of Florida's pristine springs. Whether it be tubing, snorkeling, scuba diving, or just wading in the shallows to see what you can catch a glimpse of, Gilchrist County goes overboard with its collection of natural springs. Team Sports are also a great draw at the youth level, so check out a few of the activities to keep your child out and about all year long. 

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