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Here at AHOSI Beauty, we develop and create hair and beauty products with non-toxic, safe, natural ingredients

Our Non-Toxic Product Lines

• Wig Sanitizer (aka Trademarked as Wig-Sani) – patent pending
• Hair Conditioning Oil 
• Scalp Stimulating Oil 
• Purse size Wig Sanitizer, and Hair Oils
• MaskHairRa portable, leave-in temporary Hair Dye
• AHOSI Liquid Lipstick


Deborah Willam and her husband, Hubert
Deborah and her Husband, Hubert: Co-founders of Ahosi Beauty


Ahosi Beauty was co-founded by author, publisher, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and real estate and marketing consulter, Deborah Willam, and her husband, Hubert. The purpose of her company is to create beauty products that are non-toxic and safe for women using all-natural ingredients. She named the brand Ahosi, after the Dahomey Amazons, who were an all-female army of the Kingdom of Dahomey in the Republic of Benin that lasted until the end of the 19th century. She chose this name because she considers herself to be a female warrior, and given her extensive background and history, the statement proves difficult to refute.

After completing her master’s degree, Deborah Willam moved to Orlando, Florida, from London, England, about 20 years ago with her son. She had posted her resume online and had received a call from a company that was stationed in Tampa, Florida, but things did not work out. Instead, she chose to settle in Orlando, where the theme parks and the fun were always close by for her son. While in Orlando, she worked on many projects and developed several businesses while caring for her son as a single mother.

The Inspiration for Ahosi Beauty

Deborah Willam has always had an entrepreneurial mindset. She is the owner of REIBLLC, a Florida Licensed Real Estate Company that is also licensed as Real Estate Brokers in Dubai, UAE. She also writes books under the pseudonym Em.Emgenesis, mainly to raise funds for her Florida 501c3 non-profit, Educate the World, which helps underprivileged schools and children in underdeveloped nations. They visit Africa yearly to speak with students about the importance of education. So far, they have helped hundreds of poor children attend or stay in school by paying for their fees.

Overall, Deborah is inspired by her love for humanity, current events, and global issues. That is her drive and the reason why she seeks to establish solid businesses that enable her to enjoy her passion – global travels and the helping of those less fortunate.

Educate the World in Africa
Deborah visiting schools in Africa and talking to the kids about the importance of education


After suffering for several years with many health complications, Deborah came to the conclusion that many of the hair and beauty products were not safe for her. Many of the products on the market contain harmful chemicals that are carcinogens and can be toxic to one’s hair and body. Since she naturally loves coming up with new ideas and bringing them to fruition, Deborah was determined to create her own brand of safe, non-toxic hair and beauty products. Ahosi Beauty makes products that contain safe, non-toxic, natural ingredients, created with high end oils and deionized water. 

Separating Ahosi Beauty from Other Hair and Beauty Brands

Ahosi Beauty cares about the consumers of their products. In 2018, Deborah Willam and her husband, Hubert, sold all of their belongings and moved to the United Arabs Emirates to personally oversee the creation and manufacturing of their products. They oversaw every single ingredient that went into creating all of their items, from hair oils to wig sanitizers.

Why Orlando Florida?

Debbie Willam

Orlando, Florida is where Deborah spent many long years. It is where she raised her son and launched her path into many successful avenues. She is currently living between Dubai, London, and Orlando. While she is constantly on the move, Orlando is one of the places that she truly considers to be home.


Deborah Willam can be reached at:

Ahosi Afro Dollwww.ahosibeauty.com





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