Body Wrap Distributing

Manufacturing & Distribution of Premium Body Wrap Products and Skin Care Products for inch loss, slimming, toning, cellulite, stretch marks and other skin conditions. We offer private labeling, bulk ordering, best prices to salons and spas, and overseas shipping. 

Wholesale Body Wrap Formulas

Body Wraps are a great addition to other salon or spa services, tanning services, and slimming services! When other services slow down, body wrap services keep clients coming back. Increase your profits by adding Body wrap services with our wholesale body wrap formulas. 

Inch Loss Spa Clay is the premium spa clay for slimming and toning. This mild clay is good for any skin type and will smooth and tighten the skin and in most cases, reduce inches. 

Seaweed Mud is the premium spa mud for detox, toning and tightening the skin. The added seaweeds help fight cellulite and improve the skins appearance. 


Private Labeling Body Wrap Products

With private labeling services available, Body Wrap Distributing helps you every step of the process. Clients have the option to order white label and afix their own labels. Or choose the private label options that range from simply labeling the products for you with your pre-made labels, to creating and ordering the labels for you. There are also options for custom clays and muds with your own added special ingredients or fragrances. 

Private label spa products offers a huge benefit to your company’s reputation and ROI. With a low minimum order requirement, it is super easy to get started. And whether your salon offers body wrap services or not, adding the clay or mud to your backbar, gives your clients the opportunity to do spot treatments in between salon visits. 

Keep your back bar stocked with your own branded body wrap skin care products that your clients will buy again and again that will help showcase your brand and increase your credibility. 

Add private label products to your salon, spa or skincare website as an upsell to your other skincare products and increase your profits. Body Wrap Distributing helps you every step of the way selecting the right products for your salon or spa, to label design and labeling.


Body Wrap Distributing