Buddy Brew Coffee

Buddy Brew Coffee
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Buddy Brew is a specialty coffee company that believes coffee should be more than just a boring cup o' joe. Whether you need your thirst quenched or a jolt of energy, Buddy Brew invites you to "brew good and do good" with their unique coffees and nitro cold brew.


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Extraordinary Coffee

Buddy Brew Coffee was founded by Tampa Bay couple Dave and Susan Ward. It all started when Dave bought his wife a coffee maker as his first gift to her. From there, the duo traveled around the world trying all types of coffee and joined local coffee clubs. Through this recreational research, they discovered coffee tastes best when the beans are freshly roasted. It also inspired them to start roasting out of their garage and create an online shop. 

In 2010, Buddy Brew opened it's first shop in Tampa, and a second in 2012 with Oxford Exchange. They've reached national success with wholesale bags to many stores and cafes around the state.

Popular Beans

Buddy Brew has a few popular roasts they offer on their website and in-store. Their Floridian branded beans are called the Old Florida roast. They described it as being perfect for the Florida summer. It's a Colombian coffee with citrus flavor brewed with sugar cane for natural sweetness. 

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They take espresso very seriously, too. The Double-Dog espresso is a special blend of beans from around the world; perfect proportions of each bean bring out the best flavor combinations. It has a sweet, berry-like taste with notes of chocolate and almond. It's available in a 12 oz or 5 lb bag. 

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If you're looking for a bigger boost, Buddy Brew also has cold brew. BOLT original cold brew is brewed to perfection. It's hand roasted in Tampa and has only two ingredients: coffee and water. Get your jolt of 325 mg of caffeine without ruining your day because it contains zero sugar, fifteen calories, and only 3 g of carbs. BOLT is also offered in a nitro brew. Nitro coffee is coffee infused with nitrogen gas. It is usually served on taps, like beer. It contains less sugar than regular coffee drinks and is high in antioxidants. Thankfully, Buddy Brew makes it easy to take BOLT on the go as you can find it in most grocery stores.

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Overall, the Buddy Brew Coffee crew is gifted when it comes to roasting coffee. They stay true to their home with beans roasted right here in Florida and ethically sourced from around the world.Their popularity has earned them a great following online and cafe partners nationwide. By trying any of Buddy Brew's specialty coffees you are choosing to "Do Good and Brew Good".

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