Calhoun County Parks and Recreation

Bear Creek Hunting Club
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Bear Creek Hunting Club

Calhoun County has quite a few examples of great locations to encourage outdoor recreation year round. Youth Baseball, Softball, and even T-ball, as well as their Greenway trail and locations along the Chipola River give plenty to do and see here in Calhoun.

Youth Baseball & Softball with Calhoun Dixie Youth League

Opportunities for youth sports abound in Calhoun County with baseball and softball available for both boys and girls of all ages. T-ball is also ready for action for boys and girls. Girls fastpitch softball is available as well. For more information, click here.

Blountstown Greenway

Part of the Florida National scenic trail, this former M&B rail line was turned into a great recreational trail. This 3.4 mile, wheelchair accessible trail is the perfect distance for a challenging, yet not too difficult workout. Wildlife viewing, bicycling, walking, jogging, and whatever other form of cardio you can think of are all too welcome. Click here for more information.

Chipola River

The Chipola, which is a Seminole word meaning "sweetwater", offers many points in Calhoun County to enjoy its pristine currents. Whether that enjoyment comes in a kayak, canoe, tubes, and/or while wearing your snorkel, this river is more than equipped for all the freshwater fun that you can stomach. Johnny Boy Landing, one of the most common entry points, boasts white beaches, and after four hours of floating and frolicking, will take you right to Lamb Eddy Landing. For more information, click here.

Calhoun County is a small, accessible community that offers several paths for recreational enjoyment. On a bike, boat, or behind a bat, you can take your pick of fun offerings at this great Florida County.