Clay County Parks and Recreation

Lakeside in Clay County

Clay County plays host to such a large number of activities and boasts so many great locations for park going, sporting, and outdoor recreation that it's impossible to list them all here. These are a few great places to check out, but there is always more to see at this unique resource. If you're interested in spacious fairgrounds and state parks that abound in water activities, this is the place to be. 

Camp Chowenwaw Park

This beautiful, 150-acre park lies at the mouth of Blackwater Creek near the St. Johns River. This site has been home to camping since it was opened in 1933. It was originally a getaway destination for the Girls Scouts of America until it was purchased in 2006. Since then, it has become a public park that offers a large variety of recreational options including hiking, camping and overnight cabin stays, fishing off its piers, canoeing, picnicking, swimming in its onsite swimming pool, attending its nature programs and museum, using its playground, and participating in events at its meeting room.

The Ronnie Van Zant Park

Ronnie Van Zant Lakeside

This 90-acre park was donated by the family of the band Lynyrd Skynyrd for other families to enjoy. A great location for picnics, many other activities are enjoyed here as well including fishing off its pier, featured in the photo. Play some rounds of frisbee golf or a game of basketball on its courts. Take a hike on its trails, or have a game of soccer, volleyball, or tennis. Children will enjoy the playgrounds on site as well.

Sports Leagues and Activities

While Clay County doesn't host their own athletic leagues, a number of private organizations play host to the various sports offered here. The Golden Eagle Youth Football Drills And Skills Summer Camp is a great way to hone the essentials of football into your youth football player. Police athletic organizations, plantation sports complex, and the Middleburg association of athletics are all operated out of the 9 parks available in Clay County. Here, sports like soccer, football, cheerleading, and lacrosse are actively running leagues year round. The Special Olympics of Florida also runs a wide array of sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, and even bocce ball.

Clay County Fairgrounds

These fairgrounds are home to the Blue Ribbon Clay County Agricultural Fair. Other events hosted here are Dressage Horse Shows, auctions, team roping competitions, the Hunter Jumper Events, the Scottish-Highland games, AGHA shows, the circus, 4H activities, and horse clinics. The full-time staff ensure that these fairgrounds keep their name as “The Showcase of Clay County.” There is also three exhibit halls, the J.P. Hall building, and a featured stage. These amenities and many others make sure that the fairgrounds are ever-ready host the next graduation ceremony, family reunion, birthday party, or wedding reception.

Clay County boasts an impressive array of parks and fairgrounds to make planning your next outdoor event a snap. Whether it be on the waves or on foot, have a great time enjoying the locations at this important member of Northeast Florida’s culture.