Desoto County Parks and Recreation

Morgan Park

Set some time aside and do your heart and soul a service by visiting some of the natural attractions in DeSoto County. Sports, trail walking, playgrounds, and areas of historical significance have all made their homes here for as long as can be remembered.

Walt Brewer Sports Complex

This sprawling complex plays host to a slew of sports and activities. 2 playgrounds, 2 pavilions, 2 soccer fields, 2 football fields, 6 baseball fields, 2 basketball courts, 2 tennis courts, and 2 volleyball courts are all open for play and use. Additionally, horseshoe pits, a skate park, a native garden, and a walking and biking path, as well as maps to plan your journey are offered at Walt Brewer. The Fit Center features its own Parcourse, which has a variety of exercises and training guides to work various muscle groups at multiple intensities. All of these reasons and more are a great reason to spend your afternoons at this great resource sport and play.

Ziba King Memorial Park

A memorial park honoring a figure who was once the largest cattle owner in the state of Florida. DeSoto County is home to this larger than life figure, who stood 6’6” and likely inspired the famous novel about the homesteading of Florida “A Land Remembered.” The park itself features old Ziba King’s headstone in a small cemetery, but also plenty of room for family gatherings and picnics. A game of horseshoes or volleyball would also not go amiss in this great, historic park.

Morgan Park

240 acres of beautiful Florida landscape greets all comers at this large park. Enormous cypress trees, as well as Dahoon Holly, Sabal Palm, and Saw Palmettos can be enjoyed during your walk on some of its many miles of trails. The Peace River flows quietly by, while visitors enjoy the Florida landscape in a park which is largely untouched by development.

DeSoto County provides many enriching options for sports recreation, family gatherings amongst Florida history, and exploration of the land’s natural beauty. Take some time to get back to the landscape that has been bringing folks down to DeSoto since even before old Ziba King’s time.

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