Gilchrist County Parks and Recreation

This is the ideal County for those who love to take a dip in the clear blue waters of Florida’s pristine springs. Whether it be tubing, snorkeling, scuba diving, or just wading in the shallows to see what you can catch a glimpse of, Gilchrist County goes overboard with its collection of natural springs. Team Sports are also a great draw at the youth level, so check out a few of the activities to keep your child out and about all year long.

Gilchrist Blue Springs Park
This park is more than 400 acres and was purchased by the state of Florida in 2018. Here, 44 million gallons of water are pushed out for swimmers of all kinds to bask in on a hot day. Lay in the sand or take a leap off the diving platform. Inner tubes and Kayaks can be rented on site for other types of recreation. Keep an eye out for new additions at this burgeoning, beautiful park.
Team Sports
Gilchrist also offers leagues for team sports like baseball, softball, football, soccer, and cheerleading. 14 cities in Gilchrist are participating in these programs, so come check out a team sports program that fits your child best. Kid safe background checks are given for personnel, like coaches and assistants, who will be working in these programs.
Otter Springs Park
10 million gallons of water are produced from this spring daily before flowing into the Suwannee River. Bird watching, hiking, fishing, and other activities abound. Events like Hero Fest and Survival Race are hosted here as well. Keep an eye out for the most charming resident, the otter, at this tip top park for aquatic recreation.
Hart Springs Park
Alongside the Suwannee River lies Hart Springs Park, another great alternative to the big water parks in Central Florida. Water tubes, kayaks, and paddle boards can be rented to take out on the water, and you can even bring your RV to park it over night. Shallow waters and a splash pad makes the park a great fit for younger park goers as well.
This Mecca of springs makes Gilchrist the Poseidon of Florida, or at least King Triton. Inflate your water wings, bring some chicken wings, and take a dip in the natural waves of Florida. Don’t forget the youth activities either! For even more information, visit Natural North Florida.

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