Hamilton County Parks and Recreation

Biking in the woods
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From great musical history to edge of your seat white water rafting excursions, Hamilton County shows the best of Florida's natural attractions, while keeping up with the sporting events that really get your blood pumping.

Sporting Activities

A number of facilities are available for a variety of sports here in Hamilton County. 5 baseball/softball fields, 3 soccer fields, 2 handball courts, and even a rodeo arena can be found here in Hamilton. Jennings and White Springs both have 2 ball fields and a playground to enjoy as well. 

Big Shoals State Park

This unique park is home to the largest whitewater rafting in the whole of Florida. An uncommon site, 80 ft. limestone bluffs that reside over the sides of the Suwannee river give great, unique opportunities for viewing, which can't be found anywhere else in the state. When the waters of the Suwannee rise between 59 and 61 feet above sea level, the rapids at Big Shoals receive a class 3 Whitewater classification, a huge draw for the park. Additionally, 28 miles of wooded trails are great places to hike, bike, and horseback ride.

Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park

The park sits on the shores of the Suwannee River and honors the American Composer Stephen Foster, who penned the song "Old Folks at Home," which describes life along the great Suwannee. The museum itself commemorates the famous songs of Foster with exhibits. The songs themselves can be heard around the park as they are played on a set of bells, called a carillon. The Craft Square features demonstrations on the arts of quilting, blacksmithing, stain glassmaking, and other works. This park also hosts the Florida Folk Festival.

Along with some great hiking, biking, team sports, and a whole host of other attractions, Hamilton County shows how to celebrate its natural splendors. For even more information, feel free to check out Natural North Florida.