On the Hook Charters

On The Hook Fishing Charters

On the Hook Charters offers Charter Fishing Trips and Eco Tours by boat, surf fishing lessons on the beach, boat handling lessons ICW, Celebrant at sea. They are located in the Daytona Beach area including New Smyrna Beach, Ponce Inlet, Port Orange, and Daytona Beach. 

Editor's Feature

If you are looking for a fishing charter in the Daytona Beach area, Captain Corey Simmons offers the know-how and expertise for the best fishing experience available. 

Captain Corey Simmons grew up in Daytona Beach and has loved fishing his whole life. "I caught my first redfish when I was 9 and have been hooked on saltwater since." He started working around fishermen from around the age of 12, running bait and washing boats, and always spent time by the water surfing and fishing. Being raised in the Daytona Beach area, he has mastered the techniques for fishing the waters surrounding Daytona Beach. 

Captain Corey's only mission is to share the passion for fishing with everyone who wants to experience it. He gets especially excited when the children get so excited about the fish they catch. He always aims to instill the passion of the "beautiful aquarium" (the waterways) surrounding the area by educating and teaching a respect for the wildlife as well. 

Some things that differentiate Captain Corey's service from others:

  • He only uses Monofilament line and circle hooks
  • His mate is also his wife and a captain as well
  • They offer a team with 2 boats to run double charters
  • They will preserve and memorialize your fishing trip on their youtube channel on request
  • They have a theme song available on itunes and apple music, written and recorded by Mark Munroe & Melissa

"I care more" is Captain Corey's creed. He would rather turn down a trip if the bite has been terrible, weather is bad, rough seas, etc, rather than just take your money and waste your time. 

On the Hook Charters has been growing over the past few years, starting with a 19.5 foot boat, upgrading to a 24 foot boat and recently adding a 30 foot boat to the "fleet". 

For the ultimate in Fishing in the Daytona Beach area, Captain Corey Simmons brings the expertise, the excitement, and the passion. As part of the small fishing community in Daytona Beach, he knows the community, the waterways, the fish and is most excited to go fishing everyday, particularly with anyone who shares his passion or wants to learn. 

"Fishing is a timeless pasttime, sometimes for fun, for food, for competition or for a job." - Corey Simmons


On The Hook Fishing Charters