A variety of meats at Hullabaloo

The mission of the Hullabaloo gastropub is to bring fine Italian fare to the 500-Block of Palm Beach. They do this while staying within a price range that’s still a good fit for everyone stopping by. At Hullabaloo, the fare is delicious but also not too complex. It's a great spot for stimulating conversations over a signature cocktail, which are named after dead rock stars like Chuck Berry and Floridians Gregg Allman and Tom Petty. Great music, a vintage Airstream camper, and a wood stove oven completes the atmosphere.

Of all the great food at Hullabaloo, Head Chef Fritz Cassel is most excited about the cured charcuterie that’s made in house. Their Fire Roasted Brussel Sprouts are mixed with bacon aioli, which is then candied with pine nuts and crumbled bacon, and then the whole dish is roasted in their pizza oven to make them caramelized. It’s a must try on the menu, and Cassel makes an order of them himself at least once a week.

A sprout laden dish

At Hullabaloo, the head chef shapes the menu with his own charcuterie creations, which are based in cold cuts of meats. He prefers to start with simple cuts of meat, “taking the time to let it do its thing, and turn it into something magical.” Fritz Cassel also enjoys experimenting with recipes for various types of sausage making and would love to come out with a cookbook of his own to showcase some of his creations.

Meat Dish

Hullabaloo is a key part of the 500 block of Clematis street, which is a hotbed of cutting edge spots for dining. The restaurant reflects this identity, not only with its fantastic and new culinary creations, but also with its community dinners, talks, and meetings. Efforts to improve the surrounding area through collaborations with the DDA are hosted by Hullabaloo as well.

Group dinner

Though connections between one another are often made within the digital realm lately, Hullabaloo prefers a more warm, analog approach to forming relationships. Their “focus is in the real-life interactions with [their] patrons.” It's with the food that you can touch with your hands and taste with your tongue, and it’s also the music played in the same room with you, making its way softly into your ears.

Two Friends

All in all, Fritz Cassel and the other innovators at Hullabaloo try to keep up everything upbeat and in perspective. They try to make a “fun, casual environment and enjoy what’s hopefully delicious food and drink,” and stay grateful to their loyal customers. They don’t try to take themselves too seriously, but the food, well that is held to the highest order.