Jackson County Parks and Recreation

You might not think of cave exploration when you think of Florida, but if you’re visiting Jackson County, you definitely could. With cave exploration, as well as a slew of walking trails, softball games, and river runs to paddle on, there is a lot to surprise you in this seldom seen gem of Northwest Florida.

Florida Caverns State Park
This essential State is 1313 acres and features Florida’s one and only walk-through cave system. The caves system features fantastic, black pools of water, limestone stalactites and stalagmites, and intriguing rock formations. Though the park is open seven days a week, the tours are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so plan accordingly. Florida Caverns Park also lies along the Great Florida Birding Trail, so birding is also a strong draw at the park. Canoe rentals are featured here as well, so choose your own amazing experience at this terrific park.
Marianna Sports
Marianna Florida has a number of sports activities to get your blood pumping here in Jackson County. Co-ed softball is a great activity for everyone to get together, run a few bases, and try their hand eye coordination at bat. Football is also a big activity here in Marianna. The upcoming Mere Complex will have 13 fields, including fields for baseball, football, and soccer.
Hinson Conservation and Recreation Area
This huge expanse of land was designated as a National Recreational Trail in 2012. The trail itself starts at the Chipola River and twists and turns to a four mile loop that passes caves, bluffs, and sink holes over 226 acres. This park is also the ideal spot for wildlife viewing and birding.
Three Rivers State Park
This 682 acre park lines the two miles of Lake Seminole that lies right beneath the Florida-Georgia border. The Three rivers themselves are named for the Chattahoochee and Flint Rivers, which merge to form the Apalachicola River. Aside from canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and other aquatic activities that abound on the river itself, hiking the nature trails and picnicking are some other popular activities. Views of the natural wildlife like deer, grey fox, bob-white quail, in addition to the teeming alligators and snapping turtles are also common sites. Have a day out by the river as you take in all of these sights.
The unique attractions of Jackson County make a day at the park a figurative and also literal breeze. If you want to sweat a little, the sporting events in Marianna will work for you too. If you’re interested in more information visit Jacksonville County FL.

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