Jay Blanchard Park

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Jay Blanchard Park houses a bunch of activities for people of all ages to partake in. There's a playground for the younger kids, plenty of grassy areas for the older kids to play a game of soccer, pavilions for family get togethers, tennis courts, and a paved eight mile road for walkers, joggers, runners, bikers, and even those who want to roller blade. 

Jay Blanchard Park Walkway
Jay Blanchard Park is a wonderful park to visit when the weather is nice. There’s a lot to do, and it’s a big area, so maybe plan to spend a few hours here. This park also gets you out of the hustle and bustle of the busier areas. Because of its quietness, people often visit here when they want to get away from all that is Disney and the city life. Sitting on the benches or by the creek is much more peaceful than listening to cars honk their horns. 

The highlight of the park is the eight mile paved path that can host walkers, joggers, runners, and even bikers and those who rollerblade. For those who prefer to exercise when it isn’t too hot, it’s a good idea to visit either early in the morning or later in the evening but it’s a relaxing visit no matter the time that you choose to go. You can go with a friend or on your own and it’s just a great way to get out of the house, or hotel if that’s where you’re staying. 

There are a few pavilions in the area where exercisers can sit and relax before starting their way back to where they started. Unlike other parks, there are restrooms available for visitors to use if needed, as well as a select number of water fountains for those who forget to bring their own water bottles. The park also allows dogs to be brought with visitors, but they must be kept on a leash and cleaned up after. 

Jay Blanchard Park

There is an area along the walkway that has playground equipment for kids along with pavilions to sit under and picnic tables shaded by trees. The playground equipment can keep kids busy for an hour or two with its ladders, slides and nets to climb. 

Kids can play on the playground equipment or they can run on the fields that are used for sports practices like soccer, football, and baseball. Bleachers line the fields for parents who want to sit in the shade to watch their kids play. It’s an awesome idea to bring a soccer ball or other outside game for them to play with to keep them entertained if they don’t want to play on the playground equipment. 

Jay Blanchard Park is good for more than just the playground and pathways, though. Down past the tennis courts, there is a bridge that people prefer to hang out by if they want to fish. Below the bridge there are a couple benches where visitors can sit on to hold their fishing rods and enjoy the nice weather. Some people even like this area to sunbathe, as it’s relatively free of trees on that section of the path. 

Jay Blanchard Park

The YMCA sits on the grounds of the park, so if you’re interested in a swim, you can pay a small fee to enter the building unless you’re a member. They also have basketball courts and workout equipment if the paved path isn’t enough to get your blood pumping. 

For a beautiful view of the sun setting, be sure to check out the bridge where people can fish. It’s quite a romantic spot if you come with a significant other and it’s just plain pretty if you’re by yourself. It’s a perfect way to end a day at the park.