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Kappy's is one of the Orlando area's favorite eating spots. A great 50's style diner with towering floats and mouth watering Philly Cheese Steaks. Stop by Kappy's on the way to Orlando, or come to Orlando just to stop at Kappy's. You'll find out why its been a staple of Central Florida eating since 1967.

A Tradition of Family

Kappy’s has been offering a classic, American diner experience to Central Floridians for over 50 years. Family owned and operated since its start in 1967, the diner was originally a What-A-Burger, but converted to a more personalized experience by Isadore Kaplan, where the name Kappy was inspired. In 1972, Bob Caplan, perhaps by fate, was another Kappy who took over the business. Caplan learned his trade in the sandwich business while working in Atlantic City, New Jersey from the age of eighteen until his mid twenties, when he decided to ply his trade down in Florida. His experience in New Jersey has shaped the Kappy's taste for subsequent generations. Following the Kappy’s tradition as a Maitland staple, the daughter of Bob Caplan, Rachel Milsom, recently became the owner of the diner. 

The Tastes of Kappy’s

From its influence by northeastern sandwich shops, the Philly Cheesesteak is certainly must try at Kappy’s. The Kappy’s Cheesesteak, though, is the main draw. Made Florida style, with ground beef instead of strips, the Kappy’s cheese steak is served hot with melted American cheese. The Tuna Sub is also an especially tasty option, alongside the unique Egg-Sandwich on croissant. Kappy’s also offers a variety of hamburgers and dogs to make your tummy happy. Since all items are made to order just the way you like, Kappy’s aims to please anyone who comes looking for a bite to eat.

The unique items are also a great draw, as they were especially named after the customers who inspired them. Try the wonderfully named Fatima’s Sensation, which is a Roast Beef sub, served with Swiss Cheese, grilled onions, and barbeque sauce. Padre’s Creation is a fantastic combination of both the Kappy’s Cheesesteak and the Philly Cheesesteak, so you get both kinds, and yes, double the meats. Earl’s Special is a hamburger served with pastrami and topped with american cheese.

Kappy’s hand dipped milkshakes are also a big draw. Try a chocolate in a big 24 ounce cup, or go for the rootbeer floats which can come as large as the intimidating 32 ounce cup of brewed, creamy delight. The diner has started serving classic american beers on site as well. Rolling Rock, from the great state of Pennsylvania is ready to accompany the Philly cheesesteak to make the perfect, Penn pairing. Kappy’s is also looking at local breweries to serve beers to accompany their already signature, Central Florida Taste.

Local Charity Events

Kappy’s is always looking to host charity events as well. Christmas in July has been a hugely successful event for Breast Cancer fundraising. The diner is decorated in Christmas decor while playing holiday tunes and selling trinkets for the cause. A portion of their sales goes directly to the research fund. They are looking to do a similar event during the Thanksgiving holidays as well, where gifts are given instead of just received. An event with a local fire department is also being planned to raise money for the donation of Knox-Boxes to the disabled and others in need. Knox-Boxes work like realtor boxes, except they are used by firefighters and other emergency personnel. Firefighters would be able to open these boxes to retrieve the house key quickly and without damaging the door of the owner.

A Family Diner

Regulars at Kappy’s keep coming back because they get a great bite to eat in a warm atmosphere. It's a family restaurant where everyone knows your name and wonders where you are when you go on vacation. Generations of customers keep coming back with their friends and family after their own parents had first taken when they were young. It's a return to one of the few places you can remember going as a child, that happens to be exactly the same way now as it was then. It's a diner that waits like a relative who is always home, ready for you to have another chance to visit. The sincerity of a place like Kappy’s, one that values the people who come back for these visits is not just refreshing, but reassuring. Visitors are reassured that with the speed of change, a solid piece of Central Florida eating has a childhood home that looks the way it should look and tastes the way you keep dreaming it did.

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