Liberty County Parks and Recreation

Liberty County offers a diverse array of activities in its relative small land area. Parks, trails, and youth baseball punctuate the activities listed here, but there is far more to offer in this important member of the Florida Parks and Recreation family.

Torreya State Park
This park is named for a unique and rare species of Torreya tree that grows here. The park is a great location for hiking, camping, and picnicking. In all, there are twenty-nine campsites, one cracker cabin, one yurt, three primitive backpack sites, two youth camps, a picnic area with a pavilion, and sixteen miles of hiking trails. Over one hundred species of birds have been spotted here, so bird watching is also a popular draw. The landscape of the park boasts high plateaus, steep bluffs, and ravines. For more information, look here.
Youth Baseball and Softball in Liberty County
A multitude of youth baseball and softball leagues are available to join in Liberty County. There are also three main fields to play on. Veterans Memorial Park has four baseball fields equipped to host both adult and youth baseball as well as softball games. Similarly, the Hosford Sports Complex has two fields of its own and Blountstown has one as well. For more information, check out their site.
Wright Lake Trail
Found in the Apalachicola State Forest, this is a prime walking spot to stretch those legs in the fresh air. Pitcher plants are found in abundance here, an unusual find to say the least. The trail itself is around five miles, so take a map offered at the local kiosk at the Wright Lake Recreation Area. You’ll see the floodplain forest of Owl Creek and cross Coffee Branch. There is also a long, narrow bridge that will require a little balance as well as bravery. So take a trip out to the Wright Lake Trail, and bring some water to go with all the pitchers. For more info, see this site.
With these state parks, trails, and youth baseball and softball programs, Liberty County offers the freedom of choice for your outdoor outings. There is always more to discover in this great Florida County.

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