Lineage Coffee Roasting

Lineage Coffee Roasting
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Lineage Coffee Roasting

Lineage Coffee Roasting is a craft coffee roaster from Orlando, Florida. This hipster delight was started in 2012 by Jarrett and Justine in their backyard. Now, they have 3 locations in Orlando and source coffee from all over the world.

A Bit of History

Lineage coffee was started by Orlando natives Jarrett and Justine in 2012. They decided they wanted to start their own coffee brewing company and purchased some gear. They started off with a drum roaster and used parts of an old ice cream machine. After a few months of learning, they bought their first real roaster with some extra help from friends. With many trials as well as destroying lots of coffee in the process, they opened up shop in October 2013 in Audubon Park Farmer's Market. Then, another store at Mills/50 in March 2017.

A large stained glass window with Lineage in large white print across the front

Visiting Lineage Coffee on Mills/50

Upon arrival, I noticed right away the shop was buzzing with young people on laptops or chatting with one another. Everyone had coffee by them. Music was playing at a low volume, I recognized artists SZA and Joji right away. Having very minimal decor added a modern touch to the shop. Right as I entered, several shelves showcased their merchandise like t-shirts and coffee accessories. Andy and Lucas greeted me at the coffee bar with a warm welcome and asked me right away what I wanted to try. 

Shelving with shirts, stickers, and pour over coffee machines for sale

What I Tried

With the first drink I tried, I went the safe route. I chose my classic favorite, a chai tea latte, which they steep in-house. The twist here is that I got it with oat milk, something I've never tried before. It had a soy milk taste and mouth-feel, very delicious. Next, I tried their most popular drink which is a honey cold brew on tap. It tasted like a bowl of Cinnamon Oat Cheerios. Lucas told me they keep the brew on tap because it's so popular, they go through 25 gallons a week! At their East End location, they keep the honey cold brew bottled. Andy hand crafted an espresso from Kenya for me called Gichathaini. I could taste notes of raspberry and some bitterness, although it wasn't very strong. It was just good. They even gave me a stainless steel straw, on the house.

Photo of honey latte with stainless steel straw in front of a plant
Photo from @lineagecoffeeroasting on Instagram

Coffee Talk with Lucas

Lucas likes to think Lineage Coffee Roasting is different from your average coffee shop. They have a unique way of roasting coffee and a loyal crowd standing behind it. I expressed to Lucas that most coffee places are trying to be trendy right now, it seems. To the Lineage family, they let the coffee speak for itself. He told me a story about when they just opened the East End location. He said a woman tried his coffee and hated it. She said she's been drinking coffee for forty years, and he didn't know what he was doing!

Two coffee roasters at the coffee bar

"You could be riding a bike for forty years and never know you're doing it wrong", Lucas commented. It's clear to me that Lineage takes their coffee seriously, even down to the source. "Our friend Paulo in Brazil goes to his fields at 4 am to move the beans around if the temperature isn't right for them that night", he explained. Every year, the owners visit their sources all over the world and oversee the coffee's process. 

Some drinks they wouldn't do like blended iced coffees or mix brewed coffee and espresso shots. It's not that they don't want to give the people what they want or that they're coffee snobs. They just know the ways to serve their coffee to showcase its best taste. 

Coffee bar with plants in the foreground
Photo from @lineagecoffeeroasting on Instagram

I really admire Lucas' way of explaining their methods and culture here at Lineage. Each drink they craft has its own signature flavor and way it's made. Lineage Coffee Roasting has their own crowd of caffeine addicts that are true to the brand. Being a coffee lover myself, I definitely recommend Lineage to any veterans or newbies to the coffee world. If you do visit, try the honey latte and tell them Florida Smart sent you!


Editor's Review by Chanelle Pina

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