Madison County Parks and Recreation

Madison Blue Springs
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Some of Florida's key attractions live right here in Madison County. Swim around some of the content as you familiarize yourself with this great member of North Florida.

Madison Blue Spring State Park

This first magnitude spring is a great swimming spot. At 82 feet wide and 25 feet deep, Blue Spring is also a great scuba diving location. Enjoy the beautiful scenery as you splash around in the cool, clear water that flows to join the Withlacoochee River. This spring was rightfully named the "Best Swimming Hole in the United States" by USA Today's Reader's Choice Awards.

Madison County Athletic Complex

Madison is home to its own, expansive athletic complex. A fantastic football field is the complex's main centerpiece, with huge stadium seating and even a running truck around the field itself. A playground is featured on site as well to entertain the smaller visitors. A baseball/softball field is also present to add additional sporting variety.

Additional attractions like the Four Freedoms Trail, which is a 25 mile out and back trail for bicyclists. There is also a 100 mile bicycle loop if a marathon distance is too short for you that day. Hiking trails are also a proud feature of these expanses as well.

Take a bike and jump into the crystal blue spring water here in Madison County. For even more information about activities here, check out Natural North Florida.