Maoz food
Maoz food
Maoz food
Maoz food
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Maoz Vegetarian is a fast service restaurant serving authentic falafel and freshly made vegetarian food.

Maoz is a vegan restaurant enjoyed by healthy conscious people looking for great food. Located at The Mall at Millenia, customers can enjoy some gluten-free falafel all while shopping at their favorite stores. 

How Maoz Came to the States

During a trip, Rob Ginberg, Ceo, and his wife were traveling Europe when they came across Maoz; It was love at first sight. So much so that his wife insisted they franchise it and open one in their hometown of Boca Raton, Florida. It was a huge success and since then they have been opening new locations across the country. Currently, they own the rights of Maoz in the United States and they began to offer franchising opportunities to any business person interested. 

Uniqueness of Maoz

The concept of Maoz is gluten-free falafel in a sandwich or bowl and the freedom to walk to the salad bar and customize it with all kinds of fresh ingredients. Customers love Maoz because they are able to create their very own unique meal every time they visit. And the taste? Exceptional! Customers always have positive comments about Maoz, some even saying the best they ever had.  I think we can agree that today most people are trying to eat healthier - it’s basically a trend, right? Well according to Ginberg it’s not. He sees this change in people as a “wave of the future on healthy eating”. 

So next time you find yourself at The Mall of Millenia, give Maoz a try, you won’t be disappointed! 

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