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The Miami Marlins are a franchise that has experienced their highs and lows. They have been able to win a few championships and have a brand new state of the art stadium.

Spearheading expansion

In 1991, the MLB expanded from 26 to 28 teams. Originally there were fourteen in the American League and 12 in the National League. The two additional teams were added to the National League to match the 14 in the AL. The new teams were the Colorado Rockies and the Florida Marlins (later changed name to Miami Marlins). The team was owned by CEO of Blockbuster Entertainment Corporation, Wayne Huizenga. In 1999, the team was sold to John W. Henry; after 1991 the team was sold twice more. In 1993, the Marlins began playing their home games in Joe Robbie Stadium. They shared the stadium with the Miami Dolphins until 2012. 

Marlins first championship
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Change in velocity

The Marlins have experienced the 100 mph fastball and the slow curveball. The team has won 2 World Series Championships since their inauguration. When they won these two titles they put themselves in an exclusive club, being the only team to win it all in the only seasons that they have made the playoffs. In 1997 and 2003 the Marlins made the playoffs as a Wild Card team and defeated the Indians 4-3 and Yankees 4-2 respectively in a best of 7 series. Immediately following their 1997 championship season, the Marlins had the worst record in MLB history for a defending champion with a 54-108 record. Since their 2003 championship, the team has not made the playoffs as of the 2017-18 season. The Marlins have only posted 6 winning seasons in franchise history. 

Marlins Park
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Home Cooking

The Miami Marlins call Marlins Park their home. The Marlins previously played their games in Hard Rock Stadium (previously known as Joe Robbie Stadium) until 2011. Marlins Park sits on about 17 acres of the same land where the former Orange Bowl used to be. The stadium is one of six in the MLB with a retractable roof. The stadium was certified as the greenest ballpark by LEEDS in 2012. Marlins Park is very innovative and is not only a great stadium for the team but also for fans. There is a club called Clevelander which brings a feel of Little Havana to those who decide to enjoy the party. Along with the party there are some very tasty cuisine selections. Although the stadium is very fan friendly, capacity is not very high. Marlins Park has a capacity of 37,442. This makes it the third smallest stadium in the MLB by official capacity and the smallest by actual capacity. When the baseball season ends the stadium also hosts a plethora of events such as soccer matches, fundraising galas, and much more. 

Miami Marlins