Okeechobee County Parks and Recreation

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Okeechobee County specializes in a huge variety of sporting events to keep your healthy heart pumping from childhood and beyond. If you want a break, step off onto the extensive trails for a relaxing hike. Try what you like and come back for more in Okeechobee County.

Sports Leagues

Okeechobee County hosts a huge number of leagues for sports and ages of all kinds. Youth basketball, boys baseball, t-ball, girls softball, cheerleading, tackle football, youth soccer, Shockwaves summer swim team, and youth track and field are all great activities to cultivate youth participation in sports. Swimming lessons and summer camps are also held. Adults too have activities to partake in like men’s, women’s, and coed softball.

Sports Complex

The expansive Sports Complex features a slew of amenities for its visitors. The swimming & bath house are great ways to cool off from the summer heat and have a nice afternoon splashing and relaxing. 4 youth baseball/softball fields offer game time for everyone, along with 2 basketball courts, 4 racquetball courts, and 1 football/soccer field. For children, there is also a wooden jungle playground and 2 picnic pavilions for snack time.

Hiking Trails

Trails along Lake Okeechobee offer an array of vistas and recreational opportunities along the Florida Trail. Chandler Slough West off the Kissimmee river, Henry Creek (a truly gorgeous walk), and the Dupuis Reserve (an example of classic Florida scrub), are all great trails to get you started. There are many more, so take a map and lots of water and hit the trails to dive into the nature of Florida from as close up as you want.

Competition lies at the heart of this county, which is also has the breadth to take the time for an introspective walk on a hiking trail. Take in the beautiful scenery and get out all of your energy while pausing for a rest with family and friends.

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