Orange County Parks and Recreation

Park Benches Around a Tree

Orange County offers more than 100 parks, trails, and facilities so that everyone can find a hobby, program, or just a day at the park. With bike riding, horseback riding, fishing, swimming, RV and tent camping, and canoeing there are innumerable ways for most parks park goers to spend their time. In addition to the traditional means of enjoying Florida’s parks, Orange County plays host to other programs which offer other types of enriching entertainment which might be lesser known.

Orienteering at Moss Park turns a healthy stroll into an exercise in navigation. The Stars Volunteer program gives teenage lovers of the outdoors the chance to spend time in various job positions to prepare themselves for adult life. Finally, the Fort Gatlin Recreational Complex lets Floridians cool off while offering enriching classes. Check out just a few of the locations and activities offered by Orange County Parks and Recreation and you might find a reason to search for a few more yourself.

Orienteering at Moss Park

Orienteering is a hiking like sport in which participants participate in finding markers, called controls, strewn across a park by using a map. Orienteer-ers then must try to find the easiest route from one marker to the other. The sport helps prosper physical and mental fitness at the same time. Participants enjoy at their own pace which gives ample opportunity appreciate the beauty of nature. Moss Park offers two modes for those wishing to orienteer, a beginners course and an advanced one, both of which can be completed in an hour to an hour and a half.

Youth Sports Programs

Programs, camps, and clinics for a variety of youth sports are hosted around Orange County. These programs include: baseball, softball, basketball, equestrian, dance, fishing, golf, football, martial arts, skateboarding, tennis, volleyball, swimming, and even obstacle courses. With this huge variety of great programs, children will have no shortage of options for participation.

Stars Volunteers

Teen Volunteers in the Orange County community can choose to better their community by spending time in the Stars program. Volunteers can gain benefits from the program by acquiring valuable experience, working with professional adults, fulfilling community needs, and earning community service for college university and scholarships requirements. Volunteers can work in the areas of youth sports coaching, after school tutoring, summer camps, park beautification, office assistant, and special events. Teen Volunteers will find plenty of reasons to improve their city and grow their experience as they head toward adulthood.

Ft. Gatlin Recreational Complex

This swimming pool-based complex consists of a three lane, 25 yard lap swim area which is joined by a kiddie pool and shallow swim area. The “Lemon Drop Area” is a place for children to frolic in 8 water streams which shoot and stream in all directions to capture their attention while cooling them down. Swimming lessons are available from the Red Cross in addition to the Infant and Preschool Aquatics Center lessons. There is also the Guard Start program, aimed at training young life guards necessary lifesaving skills. In addition to the more intense Lap Swimming, Water Aerobics is also available for a low-impact way of staying in shape.

Orange County Parks and Recreation provides fun and interesting reasons to get out and improve your community while improving yourself. A variety of activities will keep your body cool while your mind is hot (and often times, both at the same time), and that seems to be the goal in Orange County.