Orlandough is a small-batch craft doughnut bakery that originated in 2016. Orlandough's founder, Liz is located here in Orlando where she works tirelessly to create original recipes and handcraft each doughnut. Orlandough does not have a permanent location, but their doughnuts can be found every weekend at Easy Luck Coffee in Orlando and The Heavy in Winter Park. Orders can also be placed on the Orlandough website or by emailing the donut master herself at donuts@orlandough.com.

Orlandough was named the best doughnut shop in Orlando by the Orlando Sentinel in 2019. This is likely due to the wide variety of flavors and intricate designs on every doughnut. Flourless, brioche, and vegan options are available nearly every week making Orlandough inclusive enough to satisfy nearly every palette. Character-themed and holiday doughnuts can be found during special events and purchased at Orlandough's pop-up locations. Orlandough donuts are best discovered on Instagram (@orlan_dough) where they share every new doughnut creation and regularly update with information on where to buy doughnuts.

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