Pilar's Martini

Pilars Martini

On the lookout for a bar to hang out with your friends at? Well then, check out Pilar's Martini. This bar has all the drinks and entertainment you could ask for. You can get a custom hand-mixed drink of your own choosing. For those who are fans of nostalgic decor, you will be pleased to hear that Pilar's has an aesthetic of 30’s deco décor. 

Coincidentally, its located next to the Garden Theatre. Here you can be catered to the pre-show or even the late-night theatre. This includes events, movies, and concerts. On Sunday, you can join the Jazz Jam from five to eight pm to listen to professionals play. Thursdays are Open Mic Night at seven pm, watch other performers or even perform yourself. So come to Pilar's Martini, "martinis, music, mixology, and more".

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