Purple Ocean Superfood Bar

Smoothie Bowl
Smoothie Bowl

Experience the vibes of the ocean at the Purple Ocean Super Food Bar. This food truck offers Puerto Rican style with a healthier twist!

Artisanal Smoothie Bowls

Blueberries, açai, pineapple, strawberries, bananas, and mangos. Those are just a few of the fruits that mother nature provides us. Imagine a nutritional vegan food truck that primarily focuses on Superfruits. Well, there’s no need to keep dreaming because the Purple Ocean Superfood Bar has brought your imagination to life! In 2016, Josiah Candelaria founded the Purple Ocean Superfood Bar after he recognized Orlando’s lack of authentic vegan dishes. He loved the juicy flavors and the health factor of superfruits, so he wanted to bring them to everyone. Purple Ocean Superfood Bar supports healthy eating habits by incorporating superfruits like açai and dragonfruit into customers' diets. 

From their social media platforms to their food truck events, Purple Ocean Superfood Bar differentiates themselves through their visual creativity and attention to detail. Each smoothie bowl is handcrafted to express a balance of culture, flavor, and nutrition. 

A Higher Purpose

Josiah has clarified that he is not in business to only sell smoothie bowls. Purple Ocean Superfood Bar’s success would not mean as much if it wasn’t for their higher purpose. They led several “Puerto Rico Recovery” initiatives and plan to continue to support other movements that "#1 matter, and #2 make a difference". Besides fruity foods Purple Ocean Superfood Bar offers, it is comforting to know that there are businesses, like this one, involved in the development of society. 

The future looks bright for Purple Ocean Superfood Bar with their expansion to the Florida Mall in July 2018. Josiah aspires to share these artisanal smoothie bowls with people inside and outside of Central Florida. The unique menu has something for everyone to enjoy, but the Survivor bowl is the most ordered item on the menu. This food truck is influenced by the Puerto Rican culture, so each menu item is named after famous beaches in PR, and inspired by the island's art, music, and tropical ingredients. The overall experience from beginning to end will capture your attention. If you appreciate freshly-made, nutritious food Purple Ocean Superfood Bar is calling your name!

Purple Ocean Super Food Bar