Seminole County Parks and Recreation

Seminole County Florida Parks and Rec

Seminole County boasts their “It Starts in Parks” initiative which supports its “three pillars of the value of parks and recreation.” These three pillars are Coaching, Connecting, and Community.

The Three Pillars

In Coaching, the activities emphasize both physical, nutritional, and social development for participants of all ages. Connecting refers to the history of Seminole County as well as the qualities which are inherent to the land, its natural beauty. Finally, Seminole County parks understands the value which their services provide in economic, artistic, and social movements within the Community. The "Guided Hikes",“Adopt a Park,” Sports Programs, its featured Museum, as well as many more programs not listed here all demonstrate these key aspects of the Seminole County Parks and Recreation experience.

Guided Hikes

Let the professionals guide you to the natural wonders of Seminole County's plant, animal and aquatic life. Trained tour guides are available for hiking tours at the Red Bug Lake, Sanlando, and Sylvan Lake Parks. 

Adopt A Park

Youth and adult volunteers can participate in the Adopt a Park program to “facilitate the monitoring, clean up and enhancement of parks, natural lands, trails and trailheads.” Participants will work in a variety of areas to improve and maintain the condition of these resources for all park attendees.

Sports Program

For sports lovers, Seminole County parks offers programs for Tennis players at the Red Bug Lake, Sanlando, and Sylvan Lake parks. These programs include both Youth and Adult Tennis leagues to cater to all ages. Softball players can also find a place to play in men, women, and coed leagues. Leagues are available at both Red Bug Lake Park and the Seminole County Softball Complex.

The Museum of Seminole County

The history of Seminole county can be enjoyed at its historical museum, which features items which have been donated by its local residents. These items include artifacts, exhibits, maps, documents, photographs, and more which all come together to tell the stories of Seminole County's inhabitants. The museum is located at 300 Bush Boulevard Sanford, FL 32773.

These as well as many other resources are offered by the Seminole County parks and recreation department. Those who take advantage of them will quickly understand the motto of Seminole County: "Florida’s Natural Choice."