Summer Crush Vineyard & Winery

Address: 4200 Johnston Rd, Fort Pierce, FL 34951

Summer Crush Vineyard & Winery is the original sun and surf winery in Florida. They make speciality sweet wines such as mango, and are best known for muscadine wine.

From starting to make wine at home in 2009, Gary, the owner of Summer Crush Vineyard and Winery, moved to making others wine flavors from the encouragement from wife, Susan and his two sons, Bud and Allen. As a fan of muscadine wine, Gary wanted to pursue the history behind it and incorporate it into his own Sunshine State winery.

New Beginnings
As the original sun & surf winery, Summer Crush Vineyard and Winery pride themselves in staying true to their motto of “Good wines, good vibes and good times.” Summer Crush Vineyard and Winery is in a new age, so they want to do a different approach on things. By trading in their barrel tables for 1960s original surfboard tables, they set themselves apart from other places. Another thing that sets apart Summer Crush Vineyard and Winery apart is their charity program called, ‘Crush on Charity’ where they host nonprofits at weekend music events and help raise money for lots of different causes.

Delicious Wines
By making other variations of wine and mixing flavors, they have discovered that they specialize in fruit wines and muscadine wines with rich flavor. Gary’s winemaking process is very different from the norm. He started making wine at home for the first few years and reading textbooks to learn the best approach. While they tell their customers that their vibe is ‘Sun & Fun’, they take the wine making experience very seriously. They follow the old saying “To make good wine, is to have good grapes.” For their estate wines, they hand pick their grapes daily to get the ripest and continue this process until they have the perfect amount of 16 in their brix.

A new item they created called ‘Cap’n Pollys Private Plunder’ is a port style wine that helps supports the Navy Seals with every bottle purchased. Also, they have microbrews on tap such as Sailfish, Walking Tree, and Hop Life to name a few. They are even working on making a special beer from their grape skins!
Since getting their wholesale distribution license, many of their wines are available at local places such as Cider Works and East Coast Winery in Melbourne. For a fun and different experience, come to Summer Crush Vineyard and Winery and try their mango and muscadine wines.

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