Sumter County Parks and Recreation

Sumter Boaredwalk

Sumter County lets its visitors have fun while enjoying some spectacles unique to the area. The Webster Market is a more laid back form of outside fun, unless a stubborn haggler gets you fired up to make a good deal.

The Dade Battlefield State Park allows visitors to watch or even recreate an historic moment in United States history, while enjoying the beautiful scenery. The Kenny Dixon Sports Complex is the sports center you might be looking for, with every event under the sun offered to encourage health, competition, and collaboration among friends new and old. Come check out these three locations more in depth and hopefully it will spur you to come visit Sumter County, a valuable component of Florida’s rich culture,

Webster Market

For over 50 years, the Webster Market has been the place to be to find deals on almost everything imaginable, especially antiques. Come take a walk around its 80 acres of open air market stalls for great deals on jewelry, furniture, musical instruments, and plants, then take a rest at its two restaurants. Open every Monday, come see its 300 covered booths and 600 outdoor booths at this extravaganzas of deals.

Dade Battlefield State Park

Established in 1921 to commemorate the longest and most costly Indian War in American history, 2,000 visitors attend the park’s battle reenactment every year in January. The Dade’s Battle of 1835 tells the story of this deadly battle between Seminole and American Soldiers. Volunteers are welcome to participate in this event which features live weapon firing (of blanks) as well as live animals like horses. Other experiences at the park include biking, birding, nature trails, guided tours, picnicking, a playground, and an historical site and museum.

Kenny Dixon Sports Complex

This extensive sporting facility is home to a variety of sporting events with its three recreational facilities. 30 acres of sport loving land lies at the feet of any visitor who wants to participate in or watch baseball, softball, tee ball, soccer, football, racquetball, tennis, horseshoes, basketball, and others. A skatepark also resides in the facility, alongside a jogging/exercise trail. Picnicking next to a shaded playground lets visitors rest a while while enjoying the environment.

From markets to battlefields to sporting centers, Sumter county has all the components to make scheduling the trip of the month that much simpler. While you’re there, try a few more to make your own list of what makes this such a great county to have in your state.