Think Greek


Think Greek is a family owned and operated street food truck. They pride themselves in serving authentic and tasty Greek food in Miami, Florida.

From A Truck To Tables

The “booming food truck industry”, as Rosanne described it, attracted the owners of Think Greek to try their first food truck experience. The owners realized a Greek food truck was lacking in the South Florida region, which led to the creation of Think Greek. However, due to overwhelming feedback the owners put their food truck journey on pause while they transformed Think Greek into a full service restaurant. This idea brought the owners back to their roots in their hometown where they established their first restaurant location in Port St. Lucie. But don’t give up on the Think Greek food truck because it might hit the road again!

Some Americans might be hesitant at first to try Greek food influenced by a culture they’re not familiar with. Think Greek has used a Greek American twist on their dishes to help traditional Americans to learn to love Greek delicacies.

Do you have a dish that reminds you of your childhood? The owner and operator of this restaurant is a Greek American who decided to create a menu that included dishes their family ate while growing up. Common foods that many people enjoy, such as nachos and quesadillas, are made with a Greek style. This allows you and other customers try something that is foreign, yet familiar. 

Throughout their food truck experience, Think Greek has quickly gained exposure in many cities around Florida. The owner and her team have served so many, and can’t wait to serve you at their restaurant in Port St. Lucie. 

Go For The Gyro

What should you order for your first visit at Think Greek? I’m glad you asked! Think Greek customers are always raving over any item that has Lamb Gyro meat. This meat is shaved extremely thin and basically “melts in your mouth”. Are you hungry, yet? They offer double the amount of gyro meat to satisfy your growling tummy. One of their dishes with their infamous gyro meat will definitely hit the spot.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is “young, fresh, and fun” which also represents the owner--a woman in her 30’s. Each dish is delicious, homemade, and thoughtful” to satisfy their customers. Are you unfamiliar with Greek food? Don’t sweat it, the Think Greek staff will help you “navigate the menu” and answer your questions. Bring your family and friends to this authentic Greek restaurant for an exciting experience. Opa!

Think Greek